Intraday Option Tips

Trading in options is mainly for those who want to take a plunge on derivative options segment.
ATS provides effective options trading strategies that will help the investor make risk free profits.


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Option Tips and Options Trading Strategies are mainly for those wanting to take plunge on derivative options segment. Options’ trading is based on margins so one ends up utilizing on extra leveraging. Our options tips strategies here are for leveraging the both upside and downside effects in options. There are also many arbitrages and pure play strategies available. All our options tips are backed by Stop Losses.

Options trading contract offers the buyer the right to buy, not the obligation to buy at the specified price or date. Options are a type of derivative product. The right to sell a security is called a 'Put Option', while the right to buy is called the 'Call Option'.

Download Equity Combo Tips Past Performance Report

Detailed performance of our calls in past is available in our website please refer that to understand our performance.

Recent Stock Advice

DateCompanyRecommendationCall TypeStatus
03/04/2018UPL 760CEBUY at 22, Target of 17OptionsTARGET
03/04/2018NIFTY 10150CEBUY at 150;Target of 227OptionsTARGET
27/03/2018SRTRANS FIN 1450CEBUY at Rs52.50,, Target of 62.5OptionsNOT EXECUTED
19/03/2018BANKNIFTY 24300PEBUY at 207;Target of 257OptionsTARGET

Option Trading Tips Online at ATS

Calls will be given considering all the factors like time to expiry, Volatility and cost of premium. Traders need to strictly follow the stop loss. Calls will be tracked closely and clients will be guided until call is closed. ATS strongly advises to apply caution while trading on options segment. This product is specially designed for traders who trade in Options. In Pop Option you will get the best day-trading opportunities for Stock Futures Option i.e. Call and Put Strategy as well as Index options. Past performance on same can be downloaded from our website

Options Trading Tips Plan Feature

Options Tips Features

  • ATS provide you around 2-3 options tips per day
  • Options trading tips calls are totally based on technical analysis
  • With ATS options tips you can except >15%
  • Follow-up messages of the Options Trading Strategies calls
  • ATS achieves a high level of accuracy in Options Trading Strategies plan on consistent basis
  • Calls by SMS only

Options Tips Benefits

  • All calls are in Stock Options only.
  • Calls in live market, only live market calls - No premarket calls
  • Options trading Calls by SMS only
  • SMS sent from high priority route
  • Proper follow up
  • Call any time for support

What is meant By ‘Option’ In Options Trading ?

Option is derivative product wherein a buyer pays premium to a seller. Buyer has limited risk and unlimited profit and seller has limited profit and unlimited risk. Options are a purely derivative based intraday options recommendation product that is powered by highly qualified & experienced technical experts. Options can be used as,

  • Hedging – Hedging options can be used to protect your investment from fluctuations in the price of share by selling / buying shares at a pre determined price at a specified period of time.
  • Leverage – Get control over the shares without buying them outright. Options allow you to profit from changes in share market prices without putting down the full price of the shares.

Please note we can only assist you by providing our views on the market and do not assure you of any accuracy. Trading and Investment in Stock/Commodity/Currency markets have inherent risk, you might lose all your investment and we do not promise any return.

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