The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

W H Brady & Company Ltd. 501391  INE855A01019
W S Industries (India) Ltd. 504220 WSIBE INE100D01014
Waa Solar Ltd. 541445  INE799N01012
Waaree Technologies Ltd. 539337  INE725P01012
WABCO India Ltd. 533023 WABCOINDIAEQ INE342J01019
Wadala Commodities Ltd. 519035  INE868A01020
Wagend Infra Venture Ltd. 503675  INE786K01023
Walchand Peoplefirst Ltd. 501370  INE695D01021
Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. 507410 WALCHANNAGEQ INE711A01022
Wall Street Finance Ltd. 511147  INE549D01012
Wallfort Financial Services Ltd. 532053  INE121B01014
Wanbury Ltd. 524212 WANBURYBE INE107F01022
Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd. 538970  INE945P01024
Warner Multimedia Ltd. 511690  INE407B01017
Warren Tea Ltd. 508494  INE712A01012
Washington Softwares Ltd.    
Waterbase Ltd. 523660 WATERBASEEQ INE054C01015
Watson Software Ltd. 516090  INE950B01016
We Win Ltd.  WEWINSM INE082W01014
Wealth First Portfolio Managers Ltd.  WEALTHEQ INE658T01017
Web Element Solutions Ltd. 780016  INE562Q01017
Webel Communication Industries Ltd. 517176   
Websol Energy Systems Ltd. 517498 WEBELSOLAREQ INE855C01015
Weizmann Ltd. 523011 WEIZMANINDEQ INE080A01014
Welcast Steels Ltd. 504988  INE380G01015
Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 524661  INE331C01017
Well Pack Papers & Containers Ltd. 531249  INE063H01031
Wellesley Corporation Ltd. 532016  INE176O01011
Wellness Noni Ltd. 531211  INE571H01017
Wellwin Industry Ltd. 531369  INE752A01018
Welspun Corp Ltd. 532144 WELCORPEQ INE191B01025
Welspun Enterprises Ltd. 532553 WELENTEQ INE625G01013
Welspun Enterprises Ltd. (Old) 538538  INE072P01019
Welspun Global Brands Ltd.[Amalgamated] 533495  INE390K01016
Welspun India Ltd. 514162 WELSPUNINDEQ INE192B01031
Welspun Investments & Commercials Ltd. 533252 WELINVEQ INE389K01018
Welspun Specialty Solutions Ltd. 500365  INE731F01037
Welterman International Ltd. 526431  INE662D01013
Wendt India Ltd. 505412 WENDTEQ INE274C01019
WEP Solutions Ltd. 532373  INE434B01029
West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. 500444 WSTCSTPAPREQ INE976A01021
West Leisure Resorts Ltd. 538382  INE266P01017
Western India Cottons Ltd. 532026  INE078F01017
Western India Shipyard Ltd. 531217  INE382C01028
Western Industries Ltd. 531649  INE728C01014
Western Ministil Ltd. 504998  INE187U01015
Westlife Development Ltd. 505533 WESTLIFEEQ INE274F01020
Wheels India Ltd. 590073 WHEELSEQ INE715A01015
Whirlpool of India Ltd. 500238 WHIRLPOOLEQ INE716A01013
White Organic Agro Ltd. 513713  INE146C01019
White Organic Retail Ltd. 542667  INE06CG01019
Whitehall Commercial Company Ltd. 512431  INE416X01012
Willard India Ltd. 504227  INE481D01018
Williamson Financial Services Ltd. 519214  INE188E01017
Williamson Magor & Company Ltd. 519224 WILLAMAGOREQ INE210A01017
Wilwayfort India Ltd. 530293  INE189E01015
Wim Plast Ltd. 526586  INE015B01018
Windsor Machines Ltd. 522029 WINDMACHINEQ INE052A01021
Winmore Leasing & Holdings Ltd.   INE465E01019
Winro Commercial (India) Ltd. 512022  INE837E01019
Winsome Breweries Ltd. 526471  INE391C01011
Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery Ltd. 507892  INE664A01015
Winsome Textile Industries Ltd. 514470  INE837B01031
Winsome Yarns Ltd. 514348 WINSOMEBZ INE784B01035
Wintac Ltd. 524758  INE812C01016
Winy Commercial & Fiscal Services Ltd. 538873  INE111C01013
Wipro Ltd. 507685 WIPROEQ INE075A01022
Wires and Fabriks (S.A.) Ltd. 507817  INE469D01013
Wisec Global Ltd. 511642  INE638C01015
Wockhardt Ltd. 532300 WOCKPHARMAEQ INE049B01025
Women's Next Loungeries Ltd. 538128  INE174Q01011
Wonder Fibromats Ltd.  WFLSM INE02WG01016
Wonderla Holidays Ltd. 538268 WONDERLAEQ INE066O01014
Woodsvilla Ltd. 526959  INE374J01020
Wopolin Plastics Ltd. 509419  INE986C01018
Worldwide Aluminium Ltd. 526525  INE550D01010
Worth Investment and Trading Company Ltd. 538451  INE114O01012
Worth Peripherals Ltd.  WORTHEQ INE196Y01018
WPIL Ltd. 505872  INE765D01014
WW Technology Holdings Ltd. 505583  INE972M01017
Wyeth Ltd. 500095  INE378A01012
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