The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

U G Hotels & Resorts Ltd. 526463  INE692D01010
U H Zaveri Ltd. 541338  INE556Z01010
U P Hotels Ltd. 509960  INE726E01014
U T Ltd. 526879  INE487C01017
U Y Fincorp Ltd. 530579  INE152C01025
UB Engineering Ltd. 509992  INE328C01013
UBE Industries Ltd. 523868   
Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd. 500464 UCALFUELEQ INE139B01016
UCO Bank 532505 UCOBANKEQ INE691A01018
Udaipur Cement Works Ltd. 530131  INE225C01029
Uday Jewellery Industries Ltd. 539518  INE551B01012
Uflex Ltd. 500148 UFLEXEQ INE516A01017
UFM Industries Ltd. 531610  INE832E01010
UFO Moviez India Ltd. 539141 UFOEQ INE527H01019
Ugar Sugar Works Ltd. 530363 UGARSUGAREQ INE071E01023
Ugro Capital Ltd. 511742  INE583D01011
UIFMC Ltd. 513464   
Ujaas Energy Ltd. 533644 UJAASBE INE899L01022
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd. 539874 UJJIVANEQ INE334L01012
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd. 542904 UJJIVANSFBEQ INE551W01018
Ultra Wiring Connectivity Systems Ltd.  UWCSLSM INE00F301010
Ultracab (India) Ltd. 538706  INE010R01015
Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd. 506685  INE405A01021
UltraTech Cement Ltd. 532538 ULTRACEMCOEQ INE481G01011
Uma Maheshwari Mills Ltd. 530463   
Umang Dairies Ltd. 500231 UMANGDAIRYEQ INE864B01027
Umiya Tubes Ltd. 539798  INE173U01015
UMS Technologies Ltd. 530937   
Uni Abex Alloy Products Ltd. 504605  INE361D01012
Unichem Laboratories Ltd. 506690 UNICHEMLABEQ INE351A01035
Unick Fix-A-Form & Printers Ltd. 541503  INE250G01010
Unicorn Organics Ltd. 524087   
Uniflex Cables Ltd.[Amalgamated] 500427  INE146B01011
Uniinfo Telecom Services Ltd.  UNIINFOSM INE481Z01011
Unijolly Investments Co Ltd. 503671  INE130N01010
Unimers India Ltd. 524264  INE980B01039
Unimin India Ltd. 530321  INE672C01014
Unimode Overseas Ltd. 512595  INE348N01034
Union Bank of India 532477 UNIONBANKEQ INE692A01016
Union Quality Plastics Ltd. 526799  INE338N01019
Uniphos Enterprises Ltd. 500429 UNIENTEREQ INE037A01022
Uniplas India Ltd. 500428   
Uniply Decor Ltd. 526957  INE493E01029
Uniply Industries Ltd. 532646 UNIPLYBZ INE950G01023
Uniport Computers Ltd. 523632  INE491B01011
Unipro Technologies Ltd. 540189  INE448F01012
Unipro Technologies Ltd.    
Unique Agro Processors (India) Ltd. 526915   
Unique Organics Ltd. 530997  INE333E01019
Uniroll Leather India Ltd. 514384   
Uniroyal Industries Ltd. 521226  INE980D01019
Uniroyal Marine Exports Ltd. 526113  INE602H01010
Unishire Urban Infra Ltd. 537582  INE210P01015
Unison Metals Ltd. 538610  INE099D01018
Unistar Multimedia Ltd. 532035  INE808C01014
Unisys Software & Holding Industries Ltd. 531831  INE200B01016
Unitech International Ltd. 531867  INE929K01011
Unitech Ltd. 507878 UNITECHBZ INE694A01020
United Bank of India [Amalgamated] 533171 UNITEDBNKEQ INE695A01019
United Breweries (Holdings) Ltd. 507458  INE696A01025
United Breweries Ltd. 532478 UBLEQ INE686F01025
United Credit Ltd. 531091  INE858C01027
United Drilling Tools Ltd. 522014 UNIDTEQ INE961D01019
United Interactive Ltd. 502893  INE706D01018
United Leasing & Industries Ltd. 507808  INE357P01014
United Polyfab Gujarat Ltd.  UNITEDPOLYSM INE368U01011
United Spirits Ltd. 532432 MCDOWELL-NEQ INE854D01024
United Textiles Ltd. 521188  INE727E01012
United Van Der Horst Ltd. 522091  INE890G01013
Unity Infraprojects Ltd. 532746 UNITYBZ INE466H01028
Univastu India Ltd.  UNIVASTUBE INE562X01013
Universal Arts Ltd. 532378  INE464B01018
Universal Autofoundry Ltd. 539314  INE203T01012
Universal Cables Ltd. 504212 UNIVCABLESEQ INE279A01012
Universal Credit & Securities Ltd. 531963  INE607F01039
Universal Media Network Ltd. 531790  INE100B01026
Universal Office Automation Ltd. 523519  INE951C01012
Universal Prime Aluminium Ltd. 504673  INE621D01019
Universal Starch-chem Allied Ltd. 524408  INE113E01015
Universus Photo Imagings Ltd. 542933 UNIVPHOTOEQ INE03V001013
Uniworth International Ltd. 514282  INE760D01015
Uniworth Ltd. 514144  INE207A01013
Uniworth Textiles Ltd. 500138  INE486C01019
Unjha Formulations Ltd. 531762  INE576D01015
Unno Industries Ltd. 519273  INE142N01023
Upasana Finance Ltd. 511764  INE819K01014
UPL Ltd. 512070 UPLEQ INE628A01036
Upper Ganges Sugar & Industries Ltd. 530505  INE018B01012
Upsurge Investment & Finance Ltd. 531390  INE890B01014
Uravi T & Wedge Lamps Ltd.  URAVISM INE568Z01015
Urja Global Ltd. 526987 URJABE INE550C01020
USG Tech Solutions Ltd. 532402  INE718B01017
Usha (India) Ltd. 500431  INE068A01019
Usha Ispat Ltd. 500432  INE150A01015
Usha Martin Education & Solutions Ltd. 532398 UMESLTDBE INE240C01028
Usha Martin Ltd. 517146 USHAMARTEQ INE228A01035
Ushakiran Finance Ltd. 511507  INE697C01011
Ushanti Colour Chem Ltd.  UCLSM INE00NI01015
Ushdev International Ltd. 511736  INE981D01025
Usher Agro Ltd. 532765  INE235G01011
UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. 543238 UTIAMCEQ INE094J01016
Utique Enterprises Ltd. 500014  INE096A01010
UTL Industries Ltd. 500426  INE184E01024
Uttam Galva Steels Ltd. 513216 UTTAMSTLBE INE699A01011
Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd. 532729 UTTAMSUGAREQ INE786F01031
Uttam Value Steels Ltd. 500254  INE292A01023
UTV Software Communications Ltd. 532619  INE507B01022
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