The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

O P Chains Ltd. 539116  INE118Q01018
Oasis Media Matrix Ltd. 531782  INE335D01024
Oasis Nutraceuticals Ltd. 504345  INE368N01024
Oasis Securities Ltd. 512489  INE876A01015
Oasis Textiles Ltd. 514114  INE181W01014
Oasis Tradelink Ltd. 538547  INE189Q01019
Oberoi Realty Ltd. 533273 OBEROIRLTYEQ INE093I01010
ObjectOne Information Systems Ltd. 535657  INE860E01011
Ocean Agro (India) Ltd. 519491  INE049J01010
Ocean Infrastructure Ltd. 532086  INE789C01016
Oceanaa Biotek Industries Ltd. 538019  INE732P01018
Oceanic Foods Ltd. 540405  INE711V01010
OCL India Ltd. 502165  INE290B01025
OCL Iron & Steel Ltd. 533008 OISLBZ INE196J01019
Octal Credit Capital Ltd. 538894  INE513C01010
Octavius Plantations Ltd. 542938  INE117S01016
Octaware Technologies Ltd. 540416  INE208U01019
Odyssey Corporation Ltd. 531996  INE839E01023
Odyssey Technologies Ltd. 530175  INE213B01019
Odyssey Video Communications Ltd.    
Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. 500312 ONGCEQ INE213A01029
Oil Country Tubular Ltd. 500313 OILCOUNTUBBE INE591A01010
Oil India Ltd. 533106 OILEQ INE274J01014
Ojswi Trades Investment & Finance Ltd.   INE411E01013
OK Play India Ltd. 526415  INE870B01016
Olectra Greentech Ltd. 532439 OLECTRAEQ INE260D01016
Olympia Capitals Ltd. 511674  INE697B01013
Olympia Industries Ltd. 521105  INE482O01021
Olympic Cards Ltd. 534190  INE550L01013
Olympic Management & Financial Services Ltd. 511632  INE091N01014
Olympic Oil Industries Ltd. 507609  INE286E01019
Om Infra Ltd. 531092 OMINFRALEQ INE239D01028
Omansh Enterprises Ltd. 538537  INE378P01028
Omax Autos Ltd. 520021 OMAXAUTOEQ INE090B01011
Omaxe Ltd. 532880 OMAXEEQ INE800H01010
Omega Ag-Seeds (Punjab) Ltd. 519479  INE112B01013
Omega Interactive Technologies Ltd.    
Omfurn India Ltd.  OMFURNSM INE338Y01016
Omkar Industries Ltd.    
Omkar Overseas Ltd. 531496  INE680D01015
Omkar Pharmachem Ltd. 532167  INE501C01015
Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd. 533317 OMKARCHEMBE INE474L01016
Omni Ax's Software Ltd. 532340  INE369B01019
Omni Dye-Chem Exports Ltd. 524384  INE529C01016
Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd. 532882  INE810H01019
Omnitex Industries (India) Ltd. 514324  INE814D01010
One Global Service Provider Ltd. 514330  INE670O01013
One Point One Solutions Ltd.  ONEPOINTEQ INE840Y01011
Onelife Capital Advisors Ltd. 533632 ONELIFECAPBE INE912L01015
Onesource Ideas Ventures Ltd. 530805  INE125F01024
Onida Finance Ltd.    
OnMobile Global Ltd. 532944 ONMOBILEEQ INE809I01019
Ontic Finserve Ltd. 540386  INE989S01034
Ontrack Systems Ltd. 532607  INE426B01033
Onward Technologies Ltd. 517536 ONWARDTECEQ INE229A01017
Opal Luxury Time Products Ltd.  OPALSZ INE520N01012
Optiemus Infracom Ltd. 530135 OPTIEMUSEQ INE350C01017
Optimus Finance Ltd. 531254  INE031G01014
Opto Circuits India Ltd. 532391 OPTOCIRCUIBE INE808B01016
Oracle Credit Ltd. 539598  INE727C01016
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. 532466 OFSSEQ INE881D01027
Orbit Corporation Ltd. 532837  INE628H01015
Orbit Exports Ltd. 512626 ORBTEXPEQ INE231G01010
Orchid Pharma Ltd. 524372 ORCHPHARMABE INE191A01019
Org Informatics Ltd. 517195  INE686D01012
Organic Coatings Ltd. 531157  INE412E01011
Oricon Enterprises Ltd. 513121 ORICONENTBE INE730A01022
Orient Abrasives Ltd. 504879 ORIENTABRAEQ INE569C01020
Orient Bell Ltd. 530365 ORIENTBELLEQ INE607D01018
Orient Beverages Ltd. 507690  INE247F01018
Orient Cement Ltd. 535754 ORIENTCEMEQ INE876N01018
Orient Electric Ltd. 541301 ORIENTELECEQ INE142Z01019
Orient Green Power Company Ltd. 533263 GREENPOWERBE INE999K01014
Orient Paper & Industries Ltd. 502420 ORIENTPPREQ INE592A01026
Orient Press Ltd. 526325 ORIENTLTDEQ INE609C01024
Orient Refractories Ltd. 534076 ORIENTREFEQ INE743M01012
Orient Tradelink Ltd. 531512  INE681D01039
Oriental Aromatics Ltd. 500078 OALEQ INE959C01023
Oriental Bank of Commerce 500315 ORIENTBANKEQ INE141A01014
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd. 506579 OCCLEQ INE321D01016
Oriental Hotels Ltd. 500314 ORIENTHOTEQ INE750A01020
Oriental Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd. 501355   
Oriental Infra Trust  OSEINTRUSTIV INE07Z523018
Oriental Rail Infrastructure Ltd. 531859  INE457G01029
Oriental Remedies & Herbals Ltd. 526989   
Oriental Trimex Ltd. 532817 ORIENTALTLEQ INE998H01012
Origin Agrostar Ltd. 524170  INE964A01019
Orind Exports Ltd. 512616  INE165E01015
Orissa Bengal Carrier Ltd. 541206  INE426Z01016
Orissa Industries Ltd. 502260   
Orissa Sponge Iron & Steel Ltd. 504864  INE228D01013
Orosil Smiths India Ltd. 531626  INE628B01034
Ortel Communications Ltd. 539015 ORTELBZ INE849L01019
Ortin Laboratories Ltd. 539287 ORTINLABEQ INE749B01020
Oscar Global Ltd. 530173  INE473F01010
Oscar Investments Ltd. 501179  INE221D01018
Oseaspre Consultants Ltd. 509782  INE880P01015
Osia Hyper Retail Ltd.  OSIAHYPERSM INE06IR01013
Osiajee Texfab Ltd. 540198  INE186R01013
Osian Industries Ltd. 531617  INE634M01013
Oswal Agro Mills Ltd. 500317 OSWALAGROEQ INE142A01012
Oswal Green Tech Ltd. 539290 BINDALAGROEQ INE143A01010
Oswal Leasing Ltd. 509099   
Oswal Minerals Ltd.   INE469B01017
Oswal Overseas Ltd. 531065  INE906K01019
Oswal Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd. 500318  INE716C01027
Oswal Yarns Ltd. 514460  INE670H01017
Otco International Ltd. 523151  INE910B01028
Otoklin Plants & Equipment Ltd. 505783  INE304C01014
Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd. 507260  INE594A01014
Ovobel Foods Ltd. 530741  INE812S01012
Oxemberg Fashions Ltd.   INE583O01018
Oxford Industries Ltd. 514414  INE114D01015
Oxides & Specialities Ltd. 523389  INE597D01011
Ozone World Ltd. 539291  INE583K01016
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