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M H Mills & Industries Ltd. 514242  INE698F01020
M K Exim (India) Ltd. 538890  INE227F01010
M K Proteins Ltd.  MKPLSM INE964W01013
M M Forgings Ltd. 522241 MMFLEQ INE227C01017
M M Rubber Company Ltd. 509196  INE159E01026
M P Agro Industries Ltd. 506543  INE468C01017
M R Organisation Ltd.  MROIT INE330R01017
Maa Jagdambe Tradelinks Ltd. 511082  INE403N01029
Maan Aluminium Ltd. 532906 MAANALUEQ INE215I01019
Maars Software International Ltd. 531528  INE390A01017
Mac Charles (India) Ltd. 507836  INE435D01014
MAC Hotels Ltd. 541973  INE004Z01011
Machino Plastics Ltd. 523248  INE082B01018
Mack Trading Company Ltd. 501471  INE436D01012
Mackinnon Mackenzie & Company Ltd. 501874   
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.  MACPOWERBE INE155Z01011
Macro International Ltd. 512600  INE307N01014
Macrotech Developers Ltd. 543287 LODHAEQ INE670K01029
Madhav Copper Ltd.  MCLEQ INE813V01022
Madhav Infra Projects Ltd. 539894  INE631R01018
Madhav Infra Projects Ltd.    
Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd. 515093 MADHAVEQ INE925C01016
Madhuban Constructions Ltd. 780009  INE145Q01011
Madhucon Projects Ltd. 531497 MADHUCONBE INE378D01032
Madhur Capital & Finance Ltd. 511638  INE107C01011
Madhur Industries Ltd. 519279  INE110C01015
Madhusudan Industries Ltd. 515059  INE469C01023
Madhusudan Securities Ltd. 511000  INE856D01011
Madhuveer Com 18 Network Ltd. 531910  INE312M01016
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd.  MBAPLBE INE900L01010
Madhya Pradesh Today Media Ltd.  MPTODAYSM INE105Y01019
Madras Fertilizers Ltd. 590134 MADRASFERTBE INE414A01015
Maestros Electronics & Telecommunications Systems Ltd. 538401  INE318N01011
Maestros Mediline Systems Ltd. 501209  INE408E01027
Mafatlal Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. 501458  INE733D01012
Mafatlal Industries Ltd. 500264  INE270B01027
Magadh Sugar & Energy Ltd. 540650 MAGADSUGAREQ INE347W01011
Magellanic Cloud Ltd. 538891  INE613C01018
Magma Fincorp Ltd. 524000 MAGMAEQ INE511C01022
Magna Colors Ltd. 524270  INE283N01017
Magna Electrocastings Ltd. 517449  INE437D01010
Magna Industries Exports Ltd. 523872  INE113F01012
Magnanimous Trade & Finance Ltd. 512377  INE664N01018
Magnum Ltd. 530347  INE591B01018
Magnum Ventures Ltd. 532896 MAGNUMBE INE387I01016
Magnus Rubber Industries Ltd. 523882   
Maha Rashtra Apex Corporation Ltd. 523384 MAHAPEXLTDBE INE843B01013
Mahaan Foods Ltd. 519612  INE734D01010
Mahalaxmi Rubtech Ltd. 514450  INE112D01035
Mahalaxmi Seamless Ltd. 513460  INE257F01017
Mahamaya Steel Industries Ltd. 513554 MAHASTEELEQ INE451L01014
Mahan Industries Ltd. 531515  INE735D01033
Mahanagar Gas Ltd. 539957 MGLEQ INE002S01010
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. 500108 MTNLEQ INE153A01019
Mahanivesh (India) Ltd. 530441  INE641D01017
Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills Ltd. 530059  INE087D01013
Maharashtra Corporation Ltd. 505523  INE272E01027
Maharashtra Polybutenes Ltd. 524232  INE488E01037
Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. 500266 MAHSCOOTEREQ INE288A01013
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. 500265 MAHSEAMLESEQ INE271B01025
Mahasagar Travels Ltd. 526795  INE007G01014
Mahashree Trading Ltd. 512337  INE924T01013
Mahaveer Cotts Strings Ltd.   INE208S01013
Mahaveer Infoway Ltd. 539383  INE019D01016
Mahavir Advanced Remedies Ltd. 531689  INE716N01016
Mahavir Green Crop Ltd. 507652  INE679N01016
Mahavir Impex Ltd. 531664  INE997B01025
Mahavir Industries Ltd. 531648  INE987M01023
Mahendra Petrochemicals Ltd. 514160  INE452H01010
Mahesh Developers Ltd. 542677  INE01MO01013
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd.  MAHESHWARIEQ INE263W01010
Mahickra Chemicals Ltd.  MAHICKRASM INE961Y01015
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. 532720 M&MFINEQ INE774D01024
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 500520 M&MEQ INE101A01026
Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd. 532756 MAHINDCIEEQ INE536H01010
Mahindra Composites Ltd. 524138  INE219G01015
Mahindra EPC Irrigation Ltd. 523754 MAHEPCEQ INE215D01010
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. 533088 MHRILEQ INE998I01010
Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. 532313 MAHLIFEEQ INE813A01018
Mahindra Logistics Ltd. 540768 MAHLOGEQ INE766P01016
Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Ltd. 504823  INE850A01010
Mahip Industries Ltd. 542503  INE00CX01017
Maiam Global Foods Ltd.   INE010N01014
Maithan Alloys Ltd. 590078 MAITHANALLEQ INE683C01011
Maitri Enterprises Ltd. 513430  INE501L01024
Majesco Ltd. 539289 MAJESCOBE INE898S01029
Majestic Auto Ltd. 500267  INE201B01022
Majestic Industries Ltd. 526857   
Majestic Research Services & Solutions Ltd. 539229  INE196R01012
Makers Laboratories Ltd. 506919  INE987A01010
Malabar Trading Company Ltd. 501473  INE438D01018
Mallcom (India) Ltd. 539400  INE389C01015
Malu Paper Mills Ltd. 532728 MALUPAPEREQ INE383H01017
Malvica Engineering Ltd. 532048  INE008D01019
Malvika Steel Ltd. 530645  INE190A01011
Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. 502995  INE272B01015
Man Industries (India) Ltd. 513269 MANINDSEQ INE993A01026
Man Infraconstruction Ltd. 533169 MANINFRAEQ INE949H01023
Manaksia Aluminium Company Ltd. 539045 MANAKALUCOEQ INE859Q01017
Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Ltd. 539046 MANAKCOATEQ INE830Q01018
Manaksia Ltd. 532932 MANAKSIAEQ INE015D01022
Manaksia Steels Ltd. 539044 MANAKSTEELEQ INE824Q01011
Manali Petrochemicals Ltd. 500268 MANALIPETCEQ INE201A01024
Manappuram Finance Ltd. 531213 MANAPPURAMEQ INE522D01027
Manas Properties Ltd. 540402  INE800W01019
Manav Infra Projects Ltd.  MANAVSM INE104Y01012
Mangal Credit And Fincorp Ltd. 505850  INE545L01039
Mangalam Cement Ltd. 502157 MANGLMCEMEQ INE347A01017
Mangalam Drugs and Organics Ltd. 532637 MANGALAMEQ INE584F01014
Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd.  MGELEQ INE0APB01016
Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd. 537800  INE717C01025
Mangalam Organics Ltd. 514418  INE370D01013
Mangalam Seeds Ltd. 539275  INE829S01016
Mangalam Timber Products Ltd. 516007 MANGTIMBEREQ INE805B01012
Mangalam Ventures Ltd. 514492  INE198E01016
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. 530011 MANGCHEFEREQ INE558B01017
Mangalore Refinery And Petrochemicals Ltd. 500109 MRPLEQ INE103A01014
Mangalya Soft-Tech Ltd. 530243  INE820B01011
Manipal Finance Corporation Ltd. 507938  INE798E01013
Maniyar Plast Ltd. 526321   
Manjeera Constructions Ltd. 533078  INE320D01018
Manjushree Technopack Ltd. 532950  INE435H01015
Manomay Tex India Ltd. 540396  INE784W01015
Manor Estates & Industries Ltd. 526115  INE327D01013
Manorama Industries Ltd. 541974  INE00VM01010
Manpasand Beverages Ltd. 539207 MANPASANDBZ INE122R01018
Manraj Housing Finance Ltd. 530537  INE948I01015
Mansi Finance (Chennai) Ltd. 511758  INE094E01017
Mansoon Trading Company Ltd. 512303  INE776V01013
Manugraph India Ltd. 505324 MANUGRAPHEQ INE867A01022
Maplle Infraprojects Ltd. 531200  INE809D01010
Mapro Industries Ltd. 509762  INE848M01019
Maral Overseas Ltd. 521018 MARALOVERBE INE882A01013
Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd. 503101 MARATHONEQ INE182D01020
Mardia Samyoung Capillary Tubes Co. Ltd. 513544  INE277E01026
Marg Ltd. 530543  INE941E01019
Marg Projects and Infrastructure Ltd. 513648  INE942E01017
Marg Techno Projects Ltd. 540254  INE245H01018
Margo Finance Ltd. 500206  INE680B01019
Marico Kaya Enterprises Ltd. 538503  INE432P01015
Marico Ltd. 531642 MARICOEQ INE196A01026
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd.  MARINEEQ INE01JE01028
Maris Spinners Ltd. 531503  INE866D01010
Market Creators Ltd. 526891  INE944C01017
Marksans Pharma Ltd. 524404 MARKSANSEQ INE750C01026
Marmagoa Steel Ltd. 513355  INE698E01023
Marshall Machines Ltd.  MARSHALLSM INE00SZ01018
Marsons Ltd. 517467  INE415B01044
Martin Burn Ltd. 523566  INE199D01016
Maruti Infrastructure Ltd. 531540  INE392G01010
Maruti Securities Ltd. 531319  INE368C01019
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. 532500 MARUTIEQ INE585B01010
Marvel Capital & Finance (India) Ltd. 530497  INE571D01016
Marvel Decor Ltd.  MDLSM INE575Z01010
Marvel Industries Ltd. 532073  INE440D01014
Marvel Vinyls Ltd. 531394  INE345L01018
Mas Financial Services Ltd. 540749 MASFINEQ INE348L01012
Mascon Global Ltd.    
Mask Investments Ltd.  MASKINVESTBE INE885F01015
Mastek Ltd. 523704 MASTEKEQ INE759A01021
Master Chemicals Ltd. 506867  INE523D01017
Master Trust Ltd. 511768  INE677D01029
Mathew Easow Research Securities Ltd. 511688  INE963B01019
Matra Kaushal Enterprise Ltd. 526671  INE265N01030
Matra Realty Ltd. 512167  INE190E01021 Ltd. 540704 MATRIMONYEQ INE866R01028
Mauria Udyog Ltd. 539219  INE150D01019
Mavens Biotech Ltd. 590083  INE856C01047
Mawana Sugars Ltd. 523371 MAWANASUGEQ INE636A01039
Max Alert Systems Ltd. 534563  INE253N01010
Max Financial Services Ltd. 500271 MFSLEQ INE180A01020
Max Healthcare Institute Ltd. 543220 MAXHEALTHEQ INE027H01010
Max India Ltd. 543223 MAXINDEQ INE0CG601016
Max India Ltd.(Old) 539981  INE153U01017
Max Ventures and Industries Ltd. 539940 MAXVILEQ INE154U01015
Maxgrow India Ltd. 521167  INE485D01035
Maxheights Infrastructure Ltd. 534338  INE393F01010
Maximaa Systems Ltd. 526538  INE161B01036
Maximus International Ltd. 540401  INE544W01013
Maya Spinners Ltd. 514250   
Mayukh Dealtrade Ltd. 539519  INE280E01012
Mayur Floorings Ltd. 531221  INE262W01012
Mayur Leather Products Ltd. 531680  INE799E01011
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. 522249 MAYURUNIQEQ INE040D01038
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd. 543237 MAZDOCKEQ INE249Z01012
Mazda Ltd. 523792 MAZDAEQ INE885E01034
Mazda Properties Ltd. 523197  INE245R01017
MBI Intercorp Ltd. 530033  INE526D01010
MBL Infrastructures Ltd. 533152 MBLINFRAEQ INE912H01013
MCC Investment & Leasing Company Ltd. 531725  INE786C01012
McDowell Holdings Ltd. 532852 MCDHOLDINGEQ INE836H01014
McLeod Russel (India) Ltd. 532654 MCLEODRUSSEQ INE942G01012
McNally Bharat Engineering Company Ltd. 532629 MBECLBE INE748A01016
MCS Ltd. 523221  INE737A01019
Media Matrix Worldwide Ltd. 512267  INE200D01020
Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd. 503685  INE828I01019
Medicamen Biotech Ltd. 531146  INE646B01010
MediCaps Ltd. 523144  INE442D01010
Medico Intercontinental Ltd. 539938  INE858Q01019
Medico Remedies Ltd. 540937  INE630Y01016
Medinova Diagnostic Services Ltd. 526301  INE047C01019
Meenakshi Enterprises Ltd. 538834  INE242Q01016
Meenakshi Steel Industries Ltd. 512505   
Meera Industries Ltd. 540519  INE343X01018
Mefcom Capital Markets Ltd. 531176  INE186C01015
Mega Corporation Ltd. 531417  INE804B01023
Mega Fin (India) Ltd. 532105  INE524D01015
Mega Nirman & Industries Ltd. 539767  INE216Q01010
Megasoft Ltd. 532408 MEGASOFTEQ INE933B01012
Megastar Foods Ltd. 541352  INE00EM01016
Megh Mayur Infra Ltd. 509003  INE074J01018
Meghmani Organics Ltd. 532865 MEGHEQ INE974H01013
Meglon Infra-Real (India) Ltd. 511367  INE218B01018
Megri Soft Ltd. 539012  INE756R01013
Mehai Technology Ltd. 540730  INE062Y01012
Mehta Housing Finance Ltd. 511740  INE239B01014
Mehta Integrated Finance Ltd. 511377  INE240B01012
Mehta Securities Ltd. 511738  INE241B01010
Melstar Information Technology Ltd. 532307 MELSTARBZ INE817A01019
Meltron Semiconductors Ltd. 504107   
Mena Mani Industries Ltd. 531127  INE148B01025
Menon Bearings Ltd. 523828 MENONBEEQ INE071D01033
Menon Pistons Ltd. 531727  INE650G01029
MEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd. 539126 MEPEQ INE776I01010
Mercantile Ventures Ltd. 538942  INE689O01013
Mercator Ltd. 526235 MERCATORBE INE934B01028
Mercury Laboratories Ltd. 538964  INE947G01011
Mercury Metals Ltd. 531357  INE763M01028
Mercury Trade Links Ltd. 512415  INE319T01016
Mesco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 500274  INE839X01015
Metal Coatings (India) Ltd. 531810  INE161E01014
Metalman Industries Ltd. 513131  INE689B01010
Metalyst Forgings Ltd. 513335 METALFORGEBE INE425A01011
Metkore Alloys & Industries Ltd. 532990 METKOREBZ INE592I01029
Metrochem Industries Ltd. 524683  INE732B01018
Metroglobal Ltd. 500159  INE085D01033
Metropoli Overseas Ltd. 514456  IN1111111114
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. 542650 METROPOLISEQ INE112L01020
Mewar Hi-Tech Engineering Ltd. 540150  INE957U01011
Mewar Polytex Ltd. 531236  INE404E01018
Mewat Zinc Ltd. 513496  INE235U01012
Meyer Apparel Ltd. 531613  INE100C01024
MFL India Ltd. 526622  INE244C01020
MFS Intercorp Ltd. 513721  INE614F01019
MIC Electronics Ltd. 532850 MICBE INE287C01029
Micro Energy India Ltd. 517483   
Micro Forge (India) Ltd. 522298  INE550E01018
Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. 532494  INE358B01012
Microse India Ltd. 523343  INE809F01015
Mid India Industries Ltd. 500277  INE401C01018
Midas Infra Trade Ltd. 531192  INE290M01022
Mideast (India) Ltd. 500278  INE844X01015
Mideast Integrated Steels Ltd. 540744  INE170N01016
Mideast Portfolio Management Ltd. 526251  INE033E01015
Midfield Industries Ltd. 533220  INE091K01010
Midland Plastics Ltd. 523698  INE423F01015
Midland Polymers Ltd. 531597  INE046M01028
Midland Services Ltd.    
Midvalley Entertainment Ltd. 533310  INE422B01016
Midwest Gold Ltd. 526570  INE519N01014
MIG Media Neurons Ltd.  MMNLIT INE702S01015
Mihijam Vanaspathi Ltd. 519481  INE521C01013
Mihika Industries Ltd. 538895  INE779Q01017
Milestone Furniture Ltd. 541337  INE424Z01011
Milestone Global Ltd. 531338  INE151H01018
Milgrey Finance & Investments Ltd. 511018  INE679T01013
Milk Partners India Ltd. 519335  INE301N01017
Milk Specialities Ltd. 519403   
Milkfood Ltd. 507621  INE588G01013
Millennium Cybertech Ltd. 531942  INE525D01038
Millennium Online Solutions (India) Ltd. 511187  INE570N01025
Milton Industries Ltd.  MILTONSM INE376Y01016
Minal Industries Ltd. 522235  INE097E01028
Minaxi Textiles Ltd. 531456  INE952C01028
Minda Corporation Ltd. 538962 MINDACORPEQ INE842C01021
Minda Finance Ltd. 539303  INE197E01018
Minda Industries Ltd. 532539 MINDAINDEQ INE405E01023
Mindpool Technologies Ltd.  MINDPOOLSM INE00RQ01019
Mindspace Business Parks REIT 543217 MINDSPACERR INE0CCU25019
Mindteck (India) Ltd. 517344 MINDTECKEQ INE110B01017
MindTree Ltd. 532819 MINDTREEEQ INE018I01017
Mindvision Capital Ltd. 530955  INE259E01032
Mini Diamonds (India) Ltd. 523373  INE281E01010
Mini Soft Ltd. 523382  INE178B01014
Minolta Finance Ltd. 532164  INE514C01018
Mintage Electro Equipments Ltd. 517340  INE726C01018
Mipco Seamless Rings (Gujarat) Ltd. 505797  INE860N01012
MIRC Electronics Ltd. 500279 MIRCELECTRBE INE831A01028
Mirch Technologies (India) Ltd. 505336  INE098E01018
Mirza International Ltd. 526642 MIRZAINTEQ INE771A01026
Mishka Exim Ltd. 539220  INE540S01019
Mishka Finance and Trading Ltd. 512191  INE231N01024
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. 541195 MIDHANIEQ INE099Z01011
Mishtann Foods Ltd. 539594  INE094S01041
Misquita Engineering Ltd. 542801  INE957W01025
MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd.  MITCONSM INE828O01033
Mitshi India Ltd. 523782  INE844D01017
Mitsu Chem Plast Ltd. 540078  INE317V01016
Mittal Life Style Ltd.  MITTALEQ INE997Y01019
Miven Machine Tools Ltd. 522036  INE338P01014
MK Aromatics Ltd. 531011  INE180D01016
MMP Industries Ltd.  MMPEQ INE511Y01018
MMS Infrastructure Ltd. 538400  INE317N01013
MMTC Ltd. 513377 MMTCEQ INE123F01029
Mobile Telecommunications Ltd. 532127  INE770B01026
Model Financial Corporation Ltd. 530877  INE166B01019
Modella Woollens Ltd. 503772  INE380D01012
Modern Converters Ltd. 539762  INE250S01015
Modern Dairies Ltd. 519287  INE617B01011
Modern Denim Ltd. 500451  INE01N301019
Modern India Ltd. 503015  INE251D01023
Modern Insulators Ltd. 515008  INE219W01012
Modern Malleables Ltd. 517336  INE834C01028
Modern Shares & Stock Brokers Ltd. 509760  INE370A01019
Modern Steels Ltd. 513303  INE001F01019
Modern Syntex (India) Ltd. 500281   
Modern Terry Towels Ltd. 500283  INE437H18015
Modern Threads (India) Ltd. 500282  INE794W01014
Modex International Securities Ltd. 537092  INE072D01015
Modi Naturals Ltd. 519003  INE537F01012
Modi Rubber Ltd. 500890 MODIRUBBERBE INE832A01018
Modipon Ltd. 503776  INE170C01019
Modison Metals Ltd. 506261  INE737D01021
Modistone Ltd. 509117   
Modulex Construction Technologies Ltd. 504273  INE064R01012
Moh Ltd. 532089  INE179B01020
Mohatta & Heckel Ltd. 504844   
Mohini Health & Hygiene Ltd.  MHHLSM INE450S01011
Mohit Industries Ltd. 531453 MOHITINDEQ INE954E01012
Mohit Paper Mills Ltd. 530169  INE388C01017
Mohite Industries Ltd. 532140  INE154B01015
Mohota Industries Ltd. 530047 MOHOTAINDBE INE313D01013
MOIL Ltd. 533286 MOILEQ INE490G01020
Moksh Ornaments Ltd.  MOKSHSM INE514Y01012
Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd. 533080 MOLDTKPACEQ INE893J01029
Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd. 526263 MOLDTECHEQ INE835B01035
Momai Apparels Ltd.[Merged]   INE133R01015
Monarch Networth Capital Ltd. 511551  INE903D01011
Moneshi Agro Industries Ltd. 519417  INE604C01017
Money Masters Leasing & Finance Ltd. 535910  INE340O01013
Moneyboxx Finance Ltd. 538446  INE296Q01012
Monica Electronics Ltd. 523544  INE568C01014
Monind Ltd. 532078  INE407E01029
Monotype India Ltd. 505343  INE811D01024
Monozyme India Ltd. 522199  INE772D01028
Monsanto India Ltd. 524084  INE274B01011
Montari Leather Ltd. 526337   
Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd. 538836 MONTECARLOEQ INE950M01013
Moongipa Capital Finance Ltd. 530167  INE153K01018
Moongipa Securities Ltd. 539199  INE618R01015
Morarjee Textiles Ltd. 532621 MORARJEEEQ INE161G01027
Morarka Finance Ltd. 511549  INE367A01015
Morepen Laboratories Ltd. 500288 MOREPENLABEQ INE083A01026
Morgan Industries Ltd. 523564  INE701E01017
Morgan Ventures Ltd. 526237  INE902C01015
Morganite Crucible (India) Ltd. 523160  INE599F01020
MosChip Technologies Ltd. 532407  INE935B01025
Moser Baer India Ltd. 517140  INE739A01015
Mother Mira Industries Ltd. 530083   
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. 517334 MOTHERSUMIEQ INE775A01035
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. 532892 MOTILALOFSEQ INE338I01027
Motor & General Finance Ltd. 501343 MOTOGENFINEQ INE861B01023
Motorol Speciality Oils Ltd. 506954  INE642B01019
Mount Everest Mineral Water Ltd. 531096  INE690B01018
Mount Housing and Infrastructure Ltd. 542864  INE444X01014
Mount Shivalik Industries Ltd. 507522  INE410C01019
Movilex Irrigation Ltd. 526411  INE857A01015
Moving Picture Company (India) Ltd. 590011  INE691B01016
MP Telelinks Ltd. 531326  INE003C01012
MPDL Ltd. 532723  INE493H01014
MPF Systems Ltd. 532470  INE095E01022
MphasiS Ltd. 526299 MPHASISEQ INE356A01018
MPIL Corporation Ltd. 500450  INE844C01027
MPL Plastics Ltd. 526143  INE343A01016
MPS Infotecnics Ltd. 532411 VISESHINFOBE INE861A01058
MPS Ltd. 532440 MPSLTDEQ INE943D01017
MRC Exim Ltd. 540809  INE333Y01017
MRF Ltd. 500290 MRFEQ INE883A01011
MRO-TEK Realty Ltd. 532376 MRO-TEKBE INE398B01018
MRP Agro Ltd. 543262  INE0D7801012
Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd.    
Mrugesh Trading Ltd. 512065  INE738D01011
MS Securities Ltd. 531039   
MSL Industries Ltd. 513242  INE626C01010
MSP Steel & Power Ltd. 532650 MSPLEQ INE752G01015
MSR India Ltd. 508922  INE331L01026
MSTC Ltd. 542597 MSTCLTDEQ INE255X01014
MT Educare Ltd. 534312 MTEDUCAREEQ INE472M01018
MTAR Technologies Ltd. 543270 MTARTECHEQ INE864I01014
MTZ Industries Ltd. 500275  INE865A01018
MTZ Polyfilms Ltd. 512424  INE864A01011
Mudit Finlease Ltd. 531919  INE220D01010
Mudra Financial Services Ltd. 539819  INE967S01014
Mudunuru Ltd. 538743  INE491C01027
Mukand Engineers Ltd. 532097 MUKANDENGGBE INE022B01014
Mukand Ltd. 500460 MUKANDLTDEQ INE304A01026
Mukat Pipes Ltd. 523832  INE862C01029
Mukerian Papers Ltd. 516068  INE348C01011
Mukesh Babu Financial Services Ltd. 530341  INE596B01017
Mukesh Steels Ltd. 513265  INE953G01019
Mukesh Strips Ltd. 517374  INE946G01013
Mukta Agriculture Ltd. 535204  INE160O01031
Mukta Arts Ltd. 532357 MUKTAARTSEQ INE374B01019
Mukunda Industrial Finance Ltd. 530329  INE618B01019
Muller & Phipps (India) Ltd. 501477  INE003F01015
Multi - Arc India Ltd. 513685  INE399B01016
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. 534091 MCXEQ INE745G01035
Multibase India Ltd. 526169  INE678F01014
Multicolour Offset Ltd. 526387   
Multimetals Ltd.    
Multiplus Holdings Ltd. 505594  INE886E01016
Multipurpose Trading & Agencies Ltd. 504356  INE017P01014
Munjal Auto Industries Ltd. 520059 MUNJALAUEQ INE672B01032
Munjal Showa Ltd. 520043 MUNJALSHOWEQ INE577A01027
Munoth Capital Market Ltd. 511200  INE910G01027
Munoth Communication Ltd. 511401  INE410E01015
Munoth Financial Services Ltd. 531821  INE348D01019
Murablack India Ltd. 523578   
Murli Industries Ltd. 519323  INE806B01028
Murudeshwar Ceramics Ltd. 515037 MURUDCERAEQ INE692B01014
Music Broadcast Ltd. 540366 RADIOCITYEQ INE919I01024
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd. 511766 MUTHOOTCAPEQ INE296G01013
Muthoot Finance Ltd. 533398 MUTHOOTFINEQ INE414G01012
Muzali Arts Ltd. 539410  INE873S01022
MV Cotspin Ltd. 531286  INE586D01014
MVL Ltd. 532991 MVLBZ INE744I01034
MW Unitexx Ltd. 532442  INE578D01011
My Money Securities Ltd. 538862  INE232L01018
MYM Technologies Ltd. 531843  INE378B01010
MYNK1906 Industries India Ltd. 512253  INE756D01013
Mysore Paper Mills Ltd. 502405  INE924F01012
Mysore Petro Chemicals Ltd. 506734  INE741A01011
Mystic Electronics Ltd. 535205  INE159O01033
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Easy and Instant Payouts

Initiate payout through Back office by 8.30am and within 6.30pm funds will be credited to client's bank account.

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Free Demat Account

Open a Demat account, easy & convenient, no stamp duty, reduced paper work and experience fast, secure and seamless trading

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Lowest Brokerage Charges

ATS offers lowest brokerage charges with no hidden cost.

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Call N Trade Facility

Our Service Desk is operational on all trading days between 9:00am to 11:30pm.

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Premium Recommendations

The package from ATS is designed for those, who wants to earn higher returns when compared to regular intraday packages.

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