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L & T Technology Services Ltd.    
L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. 533519 L&TFHEQ INE498L01015
L&T Technology Services Ltd. 540115 LTTSEQ INE010V01017
La Opala RG Ltd. 526947 LAOPALAEQ INE059D01020
La Tim Metal & Industries Ltd. 505693  INE501N01012
Labh Construction & Industries Ltd. 530339  INE962A01013
Lactose (India) Ltd. 524202  INE058I01013
Ladam Affordable Housing Ltd. 540026  INE213U01019
Ladderup Finance Ltd. 530577  INE519D01015
Laffans Petrochemicals Ltd. 524522  INE919B01011
Lagnam Spintex Ltd.  LAGNAMSM INE548Z01017
Lahoti Overseas Ltd. 531842  INE515C01023
Lakhani India Ltd. 531085  INE935C01015
Lakhotia Polyesters (India) Ltd. 535387  INE191O01010
Lakshmi Automatic Loom Works Ltd. 505302  INE718M01014
Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems Ltd. 504258  INE284C01018
Lakshmi Energy & Foods Ltd. 519570  INE992B01026
Lakshmi Finance & Industrial Corporation Ltd.  LFICEQ INE850E01012
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. 500252 LAXMIMACHEQ INE269B01029
Lakshmi Mills Company Ltd. 502958  INE938C01019
Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd. 506079 LAKPREBZ INE651C01018
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. 534690 LAKSHVILASEQ INE694C01018
Lalit Polymers & Electronics Ltd. 524250   
Lambodhara Textiles Ltd. 590075 LAMBODHARAEQ INE112F01022
Lan Eseda Industries Ltd. 523407  INE520B01017
Lancer Container Lines Ltd. 539841  INE359U01010
Lanco Infratech Ltd. 532778  INE785C01048
Lancor Holdings Ltd. 509048  INE572G01025
Landmarc Leisure Corporation Ltd. 532275  INE394C01023
Landmark Property Development Company Ltd. 533012 LPDCBE INE197J01017
Lanyard Foods Ltd. 531705  INE937E01017
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd. 540005 LTIEQ INE214T01019
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 500510 LTEQ INE018A01030
Lasa Supergenerics Ltd. 540702 LASAEQ INE670X01014
Latent Light Finance Ltd. 539909  INE515K01018
Latteys Industries Ltd.  LATTEYSSM INE262Z01015
Laurus Labs Ltd. 540222 LAURUSLABSEQ INE947Q01028
Laxmi Cotspin Ltd.  LAXMICOTSM INE801V01019
Laxmi Goldorna House Ltd.  LGHLSM INE258Y01016
Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd. 543277 LXCHEMEQ INE576O01020
Laxmipati Engineering Works Ltd. 537669  INE920P01019
Layla Textile and Traders Ltd. 539125  INE914Q01010
LCC Infotech Ltd. 532019 LCCINFOTECEQ INE938A01021
Le Lavoir Ltd. 539814  INE204S01012
Le Waterina Resorts & Hotels Ltd. 531134  INE252K01026
Lead Financial Services Ltd. 531288  INE531D01010
Leading Leasing Finance and Investment Company Ltd. 540360  INE715Q01011
Learning Edge Academy of Professionals Ltd. 780005  INE301Q01010
Ledo Tea Company Ltd. 508306  INE643B01017
Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd. 517415  INE791B01014
Leel Electricals Ltd. 517518 LEELBZ INE245C01019
Leena Consultancy Ltd. 509046  INE778N01016
Legacy Mercantile Ltd. 780021  INE241Q01018
Lehar Footwears Ltd. 532829  INE976H01018
Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd. 541233 LEMONTREEEQ INE970X01018
Lerthai Finance Ltd. 502250  INE347D01011
Lesha Industries Ltd. 533602  INE050L01048
Lex Nimble Solutions Ltd. 541196  INE860Y01019
Lexus Granito (India) Ltd.  LEXUSSM INE500X01013
LG Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd. 500250 LGBBROSLTDEQ INE337A01034
LGB Forge Ltd. 533007 LGBFORGEBE INE201J01017
Libas Consumer Products Ltd.  LIBASBE INE908V01012
Liberal Finlease Ltd. 531103   
Liberty Phosphate Ltd. 530273  INE639D01011
Liberty Shoes Ltd. 526596 LIBERTSHOEEQ INE557B01019
Libord Finance Ltd. 511593  INE212B01011
Libord Securities Ltd. 531027  INE267E01019
LIC Housing Finance Ltd. 500253 LICHSGFINEQ INE115A01026
Likhami Consulting Ltd. 539927  INE920T01011
Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd. 543240 LIKHITHAEQ INE060901019
Lila World Wide Ltd. 531894  INE816A01029
Lime Chemicals Ltd. 507759  INE891G01011
Linaks Micro Electronics Ltd. 517463  INE028C01027
Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd. 531241 LINCPENEQ INE802B01019
Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 531633 LINCOLNEQ INE405C01035
Linde India Ltd. 523457 LINDEINDIAEQ INE473A01011
Linear Industries Ltd. 524103  INE808D01012
Link Pharma Chem Ltd. 524748  INE302F01011
Linkhouse Industries Ltd. 512349  INE080C01028
Linkson International Ltd. 508982  INE996E01021
Lintas Mercantile Ltd. 531510  INE702D01017
Lippi Systems Ltd. 526604  INE845B01018
Liverpool Finance Ltd. 531756  INE376D01010
LKP Finance Ltd. 507912  INE724A01017
LKP Securities Ltd. 540192  INE341H01023
Lloyd Rockfibres Ltd. 531527  INE640D01019
Lloyds Finance Ltd. 507870  INE174A01015
Lloyds Metals & Energy Ltd. 512455  INE281B01032
Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd. 539992 LSILBE INE093R01011
LML Ltd. 500255  INE862A01015
LN Industries India Ltd. 530745  INE366C01013
Loha Ispaat Ltd.    
Lohia Securities Ltd. 590082  INE803B01017
Lok Housing & Constructions Ltd. 500256  INE367C01011
Lokesh Machines Ltd. 532740 LOKESHMACHBE INE397H01017
Longview Tea Company Ltd. 526568  INE696E01019
Looks Health Services Ltd. 534422  INE204N01013
Lords Chemicals Ltd. 530039  INE554C01014
Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd. 500284  INE846D01012
Lords Ishwar Hotels Ltd. 530065  INE689J01013
Lorenzini Apparels Ltd. 540952  INE740X01015
Lotte India Corporation Ltd. 590004  INE185A01011
Lotus Chocolate Company Ltd. 523475  INE026D01011
Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute Ltd. 532998 LOTUSEYEEQ INE947I01017
Lovable Lingerie Ltd. 533343 LOVABLEEQ INE597L01014
Loyal Equipments Ltd. 539227  INE876S01017
Loyal Textiles Mills Ltd. 514036  INE970D01010
LS Industries Ltd. 514446  INE345D01031
LT Foods Ltd. 532783 DAAWATEQ INE818H01020
Ludlow Jute & Specialities Ltd. 526179  INE983C01015
Luharuka Media & Infra Ltd. 512048  INE195E01020
Lumax Auto Technologies Ltd. 532796 LUMAXTECHEQ INE872H01027
Lumax Automotive Systems Ltd. 532537  INE547G01019
Lumax Industries Ltd. 517206 LUMAXINDEQ INE162B01018
Luminaire Technologies Ltd. 526045  INE682C01021
Lupin Ltd. 500257 LUPINEQ INE326A01037
Lux Industries Ltd. 539542 LUXINDEQ INE150G01020
LWS Knitwear Ltd. 531402  INE281M01013
Lyka Labs Ltd. 500259 LYKALABSBE INE933A01014
Lykis Ltd. 530689  INE624M01014
Lynx Machinery & Commercials Ltd. 505320  INE732D01014
Lyons Corporate Market Ltd. 531441  INE100F01019
Lypsa Gems & Jewellery Ltd. 534532 LYPSAGEMSEQ INE142K01011
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