The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 506943 JBCHEPHARMEQ INE572A01028
J D Orgochem Ltd. 524592  INE263B01022
J F Laboratories Ltd. 523804  INE226C01019
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. 532940 JKILEQ INE576I01022
J L Morison (India) Ltd. 506522  INE430D01015
J R Organics Ltd. 506650   
J. Taparia Projects Ltd. 538539  INE075K01013
Jackson Investments Ltd. 538422  INE508N01025
Jagan Lamps Ltd. 530711  INE144C01014
Jagatjit Industries Ltd. 507155  INE574A01016
Jagjanani Textiles Ltd. 532825  INE702H01018
Jagran Prakashan Ltd. 532705 JAGRANEQ INE199G01027
Jagson Airlines Ltd. 520139  INE685B01018
Jagsonpal Finance & Leasing Ltd. 530601  INE582C01015
Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 507789 JAGSNPHARMEQ INE048B01027
Jai Balaji Industries Ltd. 532976 JAIBALAJIBE INE091G01018
Jai Corp Ltd. 512237 JAICORPLTDEQ INE070D01027
Jai Mata Glass Ltd. 523467  INE250C01027
Jaidka Industries Ltd. 519441  INE733M01013
Jaihind Projects Ltd. 531339  INE343D01010
Jaihind Synthetics Ltd. 514312  INE156E01014
Jaimata Industries Ltd. 514392   
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. 500219 JISLJALEQSEQ INE175A01038
Jain Marmo Industries Ltd. 539119  INE780Q01015
Jain Studios Ltd. 532033 JAINSTUDIOBZ INE486B01011
Jainco Projects (India) Ltd. 526865  INE966C01010
Jainex Aamcol Ltd. 505212  INE280F01019
Jaipan Industries Ltd. 505840  INE058D01030
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. 532532 JPASSOCIATEQ INE455F01025
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd. 532627 JPPOWEREQ INE351F01018
Jaisukh Dealers Ltd. 780001  INE190P01019
Jakharia Fabric Ltd.  JAKHARIASM INE00N401018
Jalan Transolutions (India) Ltd.  JALANSM INE349X01015
Jalpac India Ltd. 523230  INE976B01011
James Hotels Ltd. 526558  INE510D01014
James Warren Tea Ltd. 538564  INE718P01017
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd. 532209 J&KBANKEQ INE168A01041
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. 520051 JAMNAAUTOEQ INE039C01032
Jamshri Realty Ltd. 502901  INE462D01026
Janus Corporation Ltd. 542924  INE04OV01018
Jasch Industries Ltd. 500220  INE711C01010
Jash Dealmark Ltd. 540394  INE801W01017
Jash Engineering Ltd.  JASHEQ INE039O01011
Jatalia Global Ventures Ltd. 519319  INE847M01011
Jattashankar Industries Ltd. 514318  INE722N01014
Jauss Polymers Ltd. 526001  INE593O01017
Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. 520066 JAYBARMARUEQ INE571B01028
Jay Energy and S. Energies Ltd. 526523  INE315L01029
Jay Mahesh Infraventures Ltd. 590132  INE984L01014
Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. 509715 JAYSREETEAEQ INE364A01020
Jay Ushin Ltd. 513252  INE289D01015
Jayabharat Credit Ltd. 501311  INE998D01011
Jayant Agro Organics Ltd. 524330 JAYAGROGNEQ INE785A01026
Jayant Mercantile Co. Ltd. 512129  INE789G01025
Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd. 522285 JAYNECOINDEQ INE854B01010
Jayatma Enterprises Ltd. 539005  INE246D01015
Jayatma Industries Ltd. 531323  INE250D01017
Jayavant Products Ltd. 531382  INE364H01017
Jaybharat Fabrics Mills Ltd. 507924   
Jaybharat Textiles & Real Estate Ltd. 512233  INE091E01039
Jaykay Enterprises Ltd. 500306  INE903A01025
Jaypee Infratech Ltd. 533207 JPINFRATECEQ INE099J01015
Jayshree Chemicals Ltd. 506520  INE693E01016
Jaysynth Dyestuff (India) Ltd. 506910  INE703C01025
JBF Industries Ltd. 514034 JBFINDEQ INE187A01017
JBM Auto Ltd. 532605 JBMAEQ INE927D01028
JCL Ltd. 530335   
JCT Electronics Ltd. 500222  INE264B01020
JCT Ltd. 500223  INE945A01026
Jeet Machine Tools Ltd. 513012  INE987E01012
Jeevan Scientific Technology Ltd. 538837  INE237B01018
Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 524731  INE354A01013
Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd. 523592  INE819B01021
Jet Airways (India) Ltd. 532617 JETAIRWAYSBZ INE802G01018
Jet Freight Logistics Ltd.  JETFREIGHTSM INE982V01017
Jet Infraventure Ltd. 538794  INE155R01018
Jet Knitwears Ltd.  JETKNITSM INE564T01017
Jetking Infotrain Ltd. 517063  INE919C01019
Jetmall Spices and Masala Ltd. 543286  INE0D9X01018
Jeypore Sugar Company Ltd. 590054  INE180E01014
Jhagadia Copper Ltd. 504920  INE666A01028
Jhandewalas Foods Ltd. 540850  INE841Y01019
Jhaveri Credits & Capital Ltd. 531550  INE865D01012
Jhaveri Flexo India Ltd. 507796  INE114C01025
JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd. 532771 JHSBE INE544H01014
Jigar Cables Ltd. 540651  INE943X01015
Jigyasa Infrastructure Ltd. 780019  INE107Q01011
JIK Industries Ltd. 511618 JIKINDBE INE026B01049
Jinaams Dress Ltd. 542653  INE011201014
Jindal Capital Ltd. 530405  INE356F01017
Jindal Cotex Ltd. 533103 JINDCOTBE INE904J01016
Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. 511034 JINDRILLEQ INE742C01031
Jindal Hotels Ltd. 507981  INE726D01016
Jindal Leasefin Ltd. 539947  INE919T01013
Jindal Photo Ltd. 532624 JINDALPHOTBE INE796G01012
Jindal Poly Films Ltd. 500227 JINDALPOLYEQ INE197D01010
Jindal Poly Investment & Finance Company Ltd. 536773 JPOLYINVSTBE INE147P01019
Jindal Saw Ltd. 500378 JINDALSAWEQ INE324A01024
Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Ltd. 539597 JSLHISAREQ INE455T01018
Jindal Stainless Ltd. 532508 JSLEQ INE220G01021
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. 532286 JINDALSTELEQ INE749A01030
Jindal Worldwide Ltd. 531543 JINDWORLDEQ INE247D01039
Jinprabhu Infrastructure Developments Ltd. 530423   
JITF Infralogistics Ltd. 540311 JITFINFRABE INE863T01013
Jiya Eco Products Ltd. 539225 JIYAECOBE INE023S01016
JJ Exporters Ltd. 530049  INE408B01015
JJ Finance Corporation Ltd. 523062  INE584C01011
JK Agri Genetics Ltd. 536493  INE690O01011
JK Cement Ltd. 532644 JKCEMENTEQ INE823G01014
JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. 500380 JKLAKSHMIEQ INE786A01032
JK Paper Ltd. 532162 JKPAPEREQ INE789E01012
JK Pharmachem Ltd. 500218  INE335C01018
JK Sugar Ltd. 532519  INE210G01014
JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. 530007 JKTYREEQ INE573A01042
JLA Infraville Shoppers Ltd. 538765  INE401Q01018
JM Financial Ltd. 523405 JMFINANCILEQ INE780C01023
JMC Projects (India) Ltd. 522263 JMCPROJECTEQ INE890A01024
JMD Ventures Ltd. 511092  INE047E01031
JMDE Packaging & Realties Ltd. 524378  INE807C01024
JMG Corporation Ltd. 523712  INE745F01011
JMP Castings Ltd. 531159   
JMT Auto Ltd. 513691 JMTAUTOLTDBE INE988E01036
Jocil Ltd.  JOCILEQ INE839G01010
Jog Engineering Ltd. 507942  INE941A01017
John Cockerill India Ltd. 500147  INE515A01019
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd. 523398 JCHACEQ INE782A01015
Joindre Capital Services Ltd. 531861  INE024B01010
Jointeca Education Solutions Ltd. 534659  INE131N01018
Jolly Board Ltd. 502335  INE532G01011
Jolly Plastics Industries Ltd. 507968  INE289M01016
Jolly Rides Ltd. 530153  INE996B01019
Jonjua Overseas Ltd. 542446  INE793Z01027
Joonktollee Tea & Industries Ltd. 538092  INE574G01013
Jord Engineers India Ltd. 500232  INE666F01019
Jost's Engineering Company Ltd. 505750  INE636D01017
Joy Realty Ltd. 508929  INE433O01024
JPT Securities Ltd. 530985  INE630C01012
JR Foods Ltd. 530915  INE989E01018
JRI Industries & Infrastructure Ltd. 506016  INE022M01029
JSG Leasing Ltd. 542866  INE317W01014
JSL Industries Ltd. 504080  INE581L01018
JSW Energy Ltd. 533148 JSWENERGYEQ INE121E01018
JSW Holdings Ltd. 532642 JSWHLEQ INE824G01012
JSW Ispat Special Products Ltd. 513446 JSWISPLEQ INE743C01021
JSW Ispat Steel Ltd. 500305  INE136A01022
JSW Steel Ltd. 500228 JSWSTEELEQ INE019A01038
JTEKT India Ltd. 520057 JTEKTINDIAEQ INE643A01035
JTL Infra Ltd. 534600  INE391J01016
Jubilant Foodworks Ltd. 533155 JUBLFOODEQ INE797F01012
Jubilant Industries Ltd. 533320 JUBLINDSEQ INE645L01011
Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd. 543271 JUBLINGREAEQ INE0BY001018
Jubilant Pharmova Ltd. 530019 JUBLPHARMAEQ INE700A01033
Jullundur Motor Agency (Delhi) Ltd.  JMAEQ INE412C01023
Jumbo Bags Ltd. 516078  INE699D01015
Jumbo Finance Ltd. 511060  INE122N01017
Jump Networks Ltd. 531337 JUMPNETEQ INE974C01022
Jupiter Bioscience Ltd. 524826  INE918B01013
Jupiter Industries and Leasing Ltd. 507987  INE990E01016
Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. 534623  INE524N01014
Just Dial Ltd. 535648 JUSTDIALEQ INE599M01018
Justride Enterprises Ltd. 531035  INE432F01024
JVL Agro Industries Ltd. 519248  INE430G01026
Jyot International Marketing Ltd. 542544  INE043R01016
Jyothi Infraventures Ltd. 531537  INE681K01026
Jyothy Consumer Products Marketing Ltd. 532671  INE099H01019
Jyothy Labs Ltd. 532926 JYOTHYLABEQ INE668F01031
Jyoti Ltd. 504076  INE511D01012
Jyoti Overseas Ltd. 523876  INE432D01011
Jyoti Poly Vinyl Ltd. 531623   
Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Ltd. 514448  INE577D01013
Jyoti Structures Ltd. 513250 JYOTISTRUCBZ INE197A01024
Jyotirgamya Enterprises Ltd. 539246  INE805R01018
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