The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

I G Petrochemicals Ltd. 500199 IGPLEQ INE204A01010
I P Rings Ltd. 523638  INE558A01019
i Power Solutions India Ltd. 512405  INE468F01010
IAG Glass Company Ltd. 502241  INE831D01014
IB Infotech Enterprises Ltd. 519463  INE678B01021
Iccon Oil & Specialities Ltd. 523766  INE929A01012
ICDS Ltd. 511194  INE613B01010
ICE Make Refrigeration Ltd.  ICEMAKEEQ INE520Y01019
ICICI Bank Ltd. 532174 ICICIBANKEQ INE090A01021
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd. 540716 ICICIGIEQ INE765G01017
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd. 540133 ICICIPRULIEQ INE726G01019
ICICI Securities Ltd. 541179 ISECEQ INE763G01038
ICL Multitrading India Ltd.   INE453Z01010
ICL Organic Dairy Products Ltd. 542935  INE0AU701018
Icon Biopharma and Healthcare Ltd. 531348  INE444C01018
ICRA Ltd. 532835 ICRAEQ INE725G01011
ICSA-India Ltd. 531524 ICSABZ INE306B01029
ID Info Business Services Ltd. 511260  INE088P01015
IDBI Bank Ltd. 500116 IDBIEQ INE008A01015
Ideal Carpets Ltd. 526259  INE710C01012
Ideal Hotels & Industries Ltd. 531424   
IDFC First Bank Ltd. 539437 IDFCFIRSTBEQ INE092T01019
IDFC Ltd. 532659 IDFCEQ INE043D01016
IDream Film Infrastructure Company Ltd. 504375  INE459E01012
IEC Education Ltd.    
IEL Ltd. 524614  INE056E01016
IFB Agro Industries Ltd. 507438 IFBAGROEQ INE076C01018
IFB Industries Ltd. 505726 IFBINDEQ INE559A01017
IFCI Ltd. 500106 IFCIEQ INE039A01010
IFGL Refractories Ltd. 540774 IFGLEXPOREQ INE133Y01011
IFGL Refractories Ltd.(Old) 532133 IFGLREFRACEQ INE023B01012
IFL Enterprises Ltd. 540377  INE714U01016
IFL Promoters Ltd. 511682  INE326D01031
IFSL Ltd. 531998  INE414F01022
Igarashi Motors India Ltd. 517380 IGARASHIEQ INE188B01013
IGC Industries Ltd. 539449  INE099S01016
IIFL Finance Ltd. 532636 IIFLEQ INE530B01024
IIFL Securities Ltd. 542773 IIFLSECEQ INE489L01022
IIFL Wealth Management Ltd. 542772 IIFLWAMEQ INE466L01020
IITL Projects Ltd. 531968  INE786E01018
Ikab Securities & Investment Ltd. 514238  INE874A01010
IKF Finance Ltd. 530719  INE859C01017
IKF Technologies Ltd. 532414  INE052C01027
IL&FS Engineering & Construction Company Ltd. 532907 IL&FSENGGBZ INE369I01014
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd. 511208 IVCBE INE050B01023
IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd. 533177 IL&FSTRANSBZ INE975G01012
IM+ Capitals Ltd. 511628  INE417D01012
Imagicaaworld Entertainment Ltd. 539056 IMAGICAAEQ INE172N01012
IMC Finance Ltd. 505539  INE170F01012
IMEC Services Ltd. 513295  INE611C01012
IMP Powers Ltd. 517571 INDLMETEREQ INE065B01013
Impex Ferro Tech Ltd. 532614 IMPEXFERROBE INE691G01015
In House Productions Ltd.    
Inani Marbles & Industries Ltd. 531129  INE635D01027
Inani Securities Ltd. 531672  INE224C01014
Incap Financial Services Ltd. 530887  INE800D01019
Incap Ltd. 517370  INE437C01012
Inceptum Enterprises Ltd. 538541  INE784P01035
Incon Engineers Ltd. 531594  INE507D01010
Incorporated Engineers Ltd. 522095  INE801D01017
Ind Bank Housing Ltd. 523465  INE969D01012
Ind Renewable Energy Ltd. 536709  INE138O01029
Ind-Agiv Commerce Ltd. 517077  INE115E01010
Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd. 532305 INDSWFTLABEQ INE915B01019
Ind-Swift Ltd. 524652 INDSWFTLTDBE INE788B01028
Indag Rubber Ltd. 509162  INE802D01023
Indage Restaurants and Leisure Ltd. 532264  INE525H01013
Indage Vintners Ltd. 522059  INE194C01019
Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd. 511473 INDBANKEQ INE841B01017
Indergiri Finance Ltd. 531505  INE628F01019
India Cements Capital Ltd. 511355  INE429D01017
India Cements Ltd. 530005 INDIACEMEQ INE383A01012
India E-Commerce Ltd. 531061  INE416B01018
India Finsec Ltd. 535667  INE474O01010
India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd. 531253  INE342D01012
India Glycols Ltd. 500201 INDIAGLYCOEQ INE560A01015
India Green Reality Ltd. 540152  INE373V01019
India Grid Trust 540565 INDIGRIDIV INE219X23014
India Home Loan Ltd. 530979  INE274E01015
India Infraspace Ltd. 531343  INE954M01031
India Infrastructure Trust 542543  INE05KD23015
India International Marketing Centre Ltd. 531053  INE506C01014
India Lease Development Ltd. 500202  INE333C01013
India Motor Parts & Accessories Ltd. 590065 IMPALEQ INE547E01014
India Nippon Electricals Ltd. 532240 INDNIPPONEQ INE092B01025
India Polyspin Ltd. 514490  INE725D01018
India Power Corporation Ltd.  DPSCLTDEQ INE360C01024
India Radiators Ltd. 505100  INE461Y01016
India Rubber Ltd. 523788   
India Securities Ltd. 500204  INE134A01035
India Steel Works Ltd. 513361  INE072A01029
India Sugars & Refineries Ltd. 507150   
India Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. 532189 ITDCEQ INE353K01014
Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd.[Amalgamated] 532544  INE894F01025
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. 535789 IBULHSGFINEQ INE148I01020
Indiabulls Integrated Services Ltd. 533520 IBULISLEQ INE126M01010
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. 532832 IBREALESTEQ INE069I01010
Indiabulls Ventures Ltd. 532960 IBVENTURESEQ INE274G01010
Indiaco Ventures Ltd. 506131  INE064E01028
IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. 542726 INDIAMARTEQ INE933S01016
Indian Acrylics Ltd. 514165  INE862B01013
Indian Bank 532814 INDIANBEQ INE562A01011
Indian Bright Steel Company Ltd. 504731  INE566M01017
Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. 540750 IEXEQ INE022Q01020
Indian Hotels Company Ltd. 500850 INDHOTELEQ INE053A01029
Indian Hume Pipe Company Ltd. 504741 INDIANHUMEEQ INE323C01030
Indian Infotech & Software Ltd. 509051  INE300B01022
Indian Link Chain Manufacturer Ltd. 504746  INE359D01016
Indian Marine Freight Container Manufacturing Ltd. 500037   
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd. 533047 IMFAEQ INE919H01018
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 530965 IOCEQ INE242A01010
Indian Overseas Bank 532388 IOBEQ INE565A01014
Indian Polyfins Ltd. 514292   
Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd. 542830 IRCTCEQ INE335Y01012
Indian Sucrose Ltd. 500319  INE557C01017
Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd. 533329 INDTERRAINEQ INE611L01021
Indian Toners & Developers Ltd. 523586  INE826B01018
IndiaNivesh Ltd. 501700  INE131H01028
Indilite Engineering Ltd. 530061  INE777M01010
IndInfravit Trust 541300 INDINFRIV INE790Z23019
Inditalia Refcon Ltd. 517526  INE149C01013
Inditrade Capital Ltd. 532745  INE347H01012
Indo Amines Ltd. 524648  INE760F01010
Indo Asia Finance Ltd. 530747  INE807A01010
Indo Asian Foods and Commodities Ltd. 531674  INE559F01016
Indo Biotech Foods Ltd. 519222  INE183C01012
Indo Bonito Multinational Ltd. 531084  INE457B01012
Indo Borax & Chemicals Ltd. 524342  INE803D01013
Indo Britain Agro Farms Ltd. 530911  INE145C01011
Indo Cotspin Ltd. 538838  INE407P01017
Indo Count Industries Ltd. 521016 ICILEQ INE483B01026
Indo Credit Capital Ltd. 526887  INE147D01015
Indo Euro Indchem Ltd. 524458  INE319N01019
Indo French Bio Tech Enterprises Ltd. 519538  INE867B01012
Indo Germa Products Ltd. 526791   
Indo Gulf Industries Ltd. 506945  INE684U01011
Indo National Ltd. 504058 NIPPOBATRYEQ INE567A01010
Indo Pacific Projects Ltd. 531565  INE077C01024
Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Ltd. 500207 INDORAMAEQ INE156A01020
Indo Tech Transformers Ltd. 532717 INDOTECHEQ INE332H01014
Indo Thai Securities Ltd. 533676 INDOTHAIEQ INE337M01013
Indo Us Bio-Tech Ltd. 541304  INE250Z01010
Indo Vanillon Chemicals Ltd. 531267   
Indo-City Infotech Ltd. 532100  INE456B01014
Indo-Global Enterprises Ltd. 539433  INE400S01016
Indoco Remedies Ltd. 532612 INDOCOEQ INE873D01024
Indokem Ltd. 504092  INE716F01012
Indore Wire Co Ltd. 504784   
Indosolar Ltd. 533257 INDOSOLARBZ INE866K01015
Indostar Capital Finance Ltd. 541336 INDOSTAREQ INE896L01010
Indowind Energy Ltd. 532894 INDOWINDEQ INE227G01018
Indoworth Holdings Ltd. 512408  INE728J01019
Indra Industries Ltd. 539175  INE924N01016
Indraprastha Gas Ltd. 532514 IGLEQ INE203G01027
Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. 532150 INDRAMEDCOEQ INE681B01017
Indrayani Biotech Ltd. 526445  INE007C01021
Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd. 522165  INE867D01018
Indsoya Ltd. 503639  INE314N01010
Indtradeco Ltd. 504336  INE853B01020
Indu Nissan Oxo Chemicals Industries Ltd. 500208  INE599C01019
Inducto Steel Ltd. 532001  INE146H01018
Indus Fila Ltd. 532821  INE025I01012
Indus Finance Ltd. 531841  INE935D01013
Indus Networks Ltd. 532381  INE006B01017
IndusInd Bank Ltd. 532187 INDUSINDBKEQ INE095A01012
Industrial & Prudential Investment Company Ltd. 501298  INE620D01011
Industrial Investment Trust Ltd. 501295 IITLBE INE886A01014
INEOS Styrolution India Ltd. 506222 INEOSSTYROEQ INE189B01011
Inertia Steel Ltd. 512025  INE767M01011
Infibeam Avenues Ltd. 539807 INFIBEAMEQ INE483S01020
Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd. 533154  INE486J01014
Inflame Appliances Ltd. 541083  INE464Z01017
Info Edge (India) Ltd. 532777 NAUKRIEQ INE663F01024
Info-Drive Software Ltd. 530703  INE804D01029
InfoBeans Technologies Ltd.  INFOBEANEQ INE344S01016
Infomedia Press Ltd. 509069 INFOMEDIAEQ INE669A01022
Information Technologies (India) Ltd. 523758  INE569A01024
Informed Technologies India Ltd. 504810  INE123E01014
Infosys Ltd. 500209 INFYEQ INE009A01021
Infra Industries Ltd. 530777  INE287D01019
Infraquest International Ltd. 531793  INE786B01030
Infronics Systems Ltd. 537985  INE463B01036
ING Vysya Bank Ltd. 531807  INE166A01011
Ingersoll-Rand (India) Ltd. 500210 INGERRANDEQ INE177A01018
Inlac Granston Ltd. 513617   
Inland Printers Ltd. 530787  INE055O01025
Innocorp Ltd. 531929  INE214B01017
Innovana Thinklabs Ltd.  INNOVANASM INE403Y01018
Innovassynth Investments Ltd. 533315  INE690J01011
Innovation Software Exports Ltd. 517433  INE568B01016
Innovative Ideals and Services (India) Ltd. 541983  INE492Y01011
Innovative Tech Pack Ltd. 523840  INE965C01038
Innovative Tyres & Tubes Ltd.  INNOVATIVESM INE070Y01015
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd. 541353  INE870Z01015
Innoventive Industries Ltd. 533402  INE549I01011
Innoventive Venture Ltd. 512375  INE322N01013
Innovision E-Commerce Ltd. 512447  INE880C01021
Inox Leisure Ltd. 532706 INOXLEISUREQ INE312H01016
Inox Wind Ltd. 539083 INOXWINDEQ INE066P01011
Insecticides (India) Ltd. 532851 INSECTICIDEQ INE070I01018
Insilco Ltd. 500211  INE901A01011
Inspirisys Solutions Ltd. 532774 INSPIRISYSEQ INE020G01017
Insta Finance Ltd. 511433  INE592M01021
Intec Capital Ltd. 526871  INE017E01018
Integra Capital Management Ltd. 531314  INE366H01012
Integra Engineering India Ltd. 505358  INE984B01023
Integra Garments And Textiles Ltd. 535958 INTEGRABE INE418N01027
Integra India Group Company Ltd. 517250  INE288D01017
Integra Switchgear Ltd. 517423   
Integra Telecommunication & Software Ltd. 536868  INE256F01019
Integral Knit Co. Ltd. 514298   
Integrated Capital Services Ltd. 539149  INE682B01023
Integrated Finance Company Ltd. 511031  INE787E01016
Integrated Financial Services Ltd. 500212  INE898B01017
Integrated Hitech Ltd. 532303  INE934A01012
Integrated Proteins Ltd. 519606  INE177M01013
Integrated Rubian Exports Ltd. 523572  INE509D01016
Integrated Technologies Ltd. 531889  INE882B01029
Integrated Thermoplastic Ltd. 530921  INE038N01015
Intellect Design Arena Ltd. 538835 INTELLECTEQ INE306R01017
Intellivate Capital Advisors Ltd. 534732  INE176N01021
Intellivate Capital Ventures Ltd. 506134  INE512D01028
Intellvisions Software Ltd. 531777  INE600C01015
Intense Technologies Ltd. 532326 INTENTECHEQ INE781A01025
Inter Globe Finance Ltd. 511391  INE661M01016
Inter State Oil Carrier Ltd. 530259  INE003B01014
Interactive Financial Services Ltd. 539692  INE064T01018
Intercorp Industries Ltd. 531551   
Intercraft Ltd. 521072   
Interface Financial Services Ltd. 530519  INE778C01027
InterGlobe Aviation Ltd. 539448 INDIGOEQ INE646L01027
Intergrated Digital Info Services Ltd. 523770  INE762G01014
Interlink Petroleum Ltd. 526512  INE959G01016
International Combustion (India) Ltd. 505737  INE403C01014
International Constructions Ltd.    
International Constructions Ltd.   INE845C01016
International Conveyors Ltd. 509709  INE575C01027
International Data Management Ltd. 517044  INE649R01010
International Diamond Services Ltd. 530193  INE248F01016
International Hometex Ltd. 526185  INE315D01018
International Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. 530781  INE903G01014
International Travel House Ltd. 500213  INE262B01016
Interworld Digital Ltd. 532072  INE177D01020
Intrasoft Technologies Ltd. 533181 ISFTEQ INE566K01011
Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd. 533506 INVENTUREEQ INE878H01016
Investment & Precision Castings Ltd. 504786  INE155E01016
IO System Ltd. 523752  INE502D01011
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 524164 IOLCPEQ INE485C01011
IOL Netcom Ltd. 512185  INE517C01011
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. 500214  INE570A01014
Ipca Laboratories Ltd. 524494 IPCALABEQ INE571A01020
IQ Infotech Ltd. 532421  INE679B01011
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. 532947 IRBEQ INE821I01014
IRB InvIT Fund 540526 IRBINVITIV INE183W23014
Ircon International Ltd. 541956 IRCONEQ INE962Y01021
IRIS Business Services Ltd. 540735  INE864K01010
IRIS Clothings Ltd.  IRISDOREMESM INE01GN01017
ISC Udyog Ltd. 531961   
ISF Ltd. 526859  INE973B01026
ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd. 533033  INE858B01029
Ishaan Infrastructures & Shelters Ltd. 540134  INE818R01011
Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. 531109  INE561M01018
Ishita Drugs & Industries Ltd. 524400  INE806D01016
Ishwarshakti Holdings & Traders Ltd. 506161  INE073I01012
ISL Consulting Ltd. 511609  INE569B01022
ISMT Ltd. 532479 ISMTLTDBE INE732F01019
Ispat Profiles India Ltd. 531464  INE798A01011
ISPL Industries Ltd. 513041   
IST Ltd. 508807  INE684B01029
iStreet Network Ltd. 524622  INE532B01020
ITC Ltd. 500875 ITCEQ INE154A01025
ITD Cementation India Ltd. 509496 ITDCEMEQ INE686A01026
ITI Ltd. 523610 ITIEQ INE248A01017
ITL Industries Ltd. 522183  INE478D01014
IVP Ltd. 507580 IVPEQ INE043C01018
IVRCL Assets & Holdings Ltd. 532881  INE414I01018
Iykot Hitech Toolroom Ltd. 522245  INE079L01013
IZMO Ltd. 532341 IZMOEQ INE848A01014
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