The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

H P Cotton Textiles Mills Ltd. 502873  INE950C01014
H S India Ltd. 532145  INE731B01010
Halder Venture Ltd. 539854  INE115S01010
Haldyn Glass Ltd. 515147  INE506D01020
Hanil Era Textiles Ltd. 500177  INE021D01012
Hanjer Fibres Ltd. 514308  INE053G01018
Hanman Fit Ltd. 538731  INE982Q01017
Hansaflon Plasto Chem Ltd. 526079   
Hanuman Tea Co. Ltd. 519580  INE363C01010
Hanung Toys & Textiles Ltd. 532770  INE648H01013
Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd. 543227 HAPPSTMNDSEQ INE419U01012
Harbor Network Systems Ltd. 531094  INE021C01014
Hardcastle & Waud Manufacturing Company Ltd. 509597  INE722D01015
Hardwyn India Ltd. 541276  INE626Z01011
Hari Govind International Ltd. 531971  INE167F01018
Haria Apparels Ltd. 538081  INE493N01012
Haria Exports Ltd. 512604  INE772B01014
Harig Crankshafts Ltd. 500178  INE905C01026
Harish Textile Engineers Ltd. 542682  INE01K301012
Harita Seating Systems Ltd. 590043 HARITASEATEQ INE939D01015
Hariyana Metals Ltd. 506024  INE219D01012
Hariyana Ship-Breakers Ltd. 526931  INE400G01011
Harmony Capital Services Ltd. 530055  INE264N01017
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. 500467 HARRMALAYAEQ INE544A01019
Harsh Polymers (India) Ltd. 514370   
Harshvardhan Chemicals & Minerals Ltd. 507745   
Hartron Communications Ltd. 517419   
Harvic Management Services (India) Ltd. 511613  INE156D01024
Haryana Capfin Ltd. 532855  INE928H01019
Haryana Financial Corporation 530927   
Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd. 524080  INE681F01018
Haryana Sheet Glass Ltd. 515143  INE038D01016
Haryana Steel & Alloys Ltd. 504601  INE567C01016
Haryana Texprints (Overseas) Ltd. 514296  INE206G01012
Has Lifestyle Ltd. 780014  INE888Q01016
Hasti Finance Ltd. 531387  INE671D01014
Hathway Bhawani Cabletel & Datacom Ltd. 509073  INE525B01016
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd. 533162 HATHWAYBE INE982F01036
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. 531531 HATSUNEQ INE473B01035
Havells India Ltd. 517354 HAVELLSEQ INE176B01034
Hawa Engineers Ltd. 539176  INE230I01018
Hawkins Cookers Ltd. 508486  INE979B01015
Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd. 532467  INE550F01023
HB Estate Developers Ltd. 532334  INE640B01021
HB Leasing & Finance Co Ltd. 508956  INE549B01016
HB Portfolio Ltd. 532333  INE638B01025
HB Stockholdings Ltd. 532216 HBSLEQ INE550B01022
HBL Power Systems Ltd. 517271 HBLPOWEREQ INE292B01021
HCKK Ventures Ltd. 539224  INE345Q01017
HCL Infosystems Ltd. 500179 HCL-INSYSEQ INE236A01020
HCL Technologies Ltd. 532281 HCLTECHEQ INE860A01027
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. 541729 HDFCAMCEQ INE127D01025
HDFC Bank Ltd. 500180 HDFCBANKEQ INE040A01034
HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd. 540777 HDFCLIFEEQ INE795G01014
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. 539787 HCGEQ INE075I01017
Healthfore Technologies Ltd. 533525  INE402L01017
Healthy Investments Ltd. 503689  INE160N01017
Heatshrink Technologies Ltd. 522130  INE966B01012
HEC Infra Projects Ltd.  HECPROJECTSM INE558R01013
Heera Ispat Ltd. 526967  INE025D01013
HEG Ltd. 509631 HEGEQ INE545A01016
Heidelberg Cement India Ltd. 500292 HEIDELBERGEQ INE578A01017
Helios and Matheson Information Technology Ltd. 532347  INE674B01012
Hella India Lighting Ltd. 520026  INE431D01013
Helpage Finlease Ltd. 539174  INE738P01015
Hem Holdings & Trading Ltd. 505520   
Hemadri Cements Ltd. 502133  INE07BK01011
Hemang Resources Ltd. 531178  INE930A01010
Hemo Organic Ltd. 524590  INE422G01015
Hercules Hoists Ltd. 505720 HERCULESEQ INE688E01024
Heritage Foods Ltd. 519552 HERITGFOODEQ INE978A01027
Herman Milkfoods Ltd. 519428   
Hero MotoCorp Ltd. 500182 HEROMOTOCOEQ INE158A01026
Hester Biosciences Ltd. 524669 HESTERBIOEQ INE782E01017
Hexa Tradex Ltd. 534328 HEXATRADEXBE INE750M01017
Hexaware Technologies Ltd. 532129 HEXAWAREEQ INE093A01033
HFCL Ltd. 500183 HFCLEQ INE548A01028
HG Infra Engineering Ltd. 541019 HGINFRAEQ INE926X01010
Hi-Klass Trading & Investment Ltd. 542332  INE302R01016
Hi-Tech Pipes Ltd.  HITECHEQ INE106T01017
Hi-Tech Winding Systems Ltd. 541627  INE173V01013
High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd. 504176  INE783E01015
High Ground Enterprise Ltd. 517080 HIGHGROUNDBZ INE361M01021
High Street Filatex Ltd. 531301  INE319M01011
Highland Industries Ltd. 507940  INE672D01012
Hikal Ltd. 524735 HIKALEQ INE475B01022
HIL Ltd. 509675 HILEQ INE557A01011
Hiliks Technologies Ltd. 539697  INE966Q01010
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd. 532847 HILTONEQ INE788H01017
HIM Teknoforge Ltd. 505712  INE705G01021
Himachal Fibres Ltd. 514010  INE723D01021
Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd. 500184 HSCLEQ INE019C01026
Himalaya Food International Ltd. 526899  INE552B01010
Himalaya Granites Ltd. 513723  INE464C01024
Himalchuli Food Products Ltd. 511169  INE552N01015
Himatsingka Auto Enterprises Ltd. 515435  INE642E01013
Himatsingka Motor Works Ltd. 509063   
Himatsingka Seide Ltd. 514043 HIMATSEIDEEQ INE049A01027
Himgiri Fincap Ltd. 531827   
Himgiri Foods Ltd. 519244   
Hinafil India Ltd. 526779  INE120F01025
Hind Aluminium Industries Ltd. 531979  INE227B01019
Hind Commerce Ltd. 538652  INE691J01019
Hind Industries Ltd. 526307  INE675B01019
Hind Rectifiers Ltd. 504036 HIRECTEQ INE835D01023
Hind Securities & Credits Ltd. 539114  INE727Q01016
Hind Syntex Ltd. 503881 HINDSYNTEXBZ INE155B01012
Hindalco Industries Ltd. 500440 HINDALCOEQ INE038A01020
Hindcon Chemicals Ltd.  HINDCONSM INE642Y01011
Hindoostan Mills Ltd. 509895  INE832D01020
Hindprakash Industries Ltd.  HPILSM INE05X901010
Hinduja Foundries Ltd. 505982  INE291F01016
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. 532859 HGSEQ INE170I01016
Hindustan Adhesives Ltd. 514428  INE074C01013
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. 541154 HALEQ INE066F01012
Hindustan Agrigenetics Ltd. 519574  INE092301014
Hindustan Appliances Ltd. 531918  INE02XD01011
Hindustan Auto Finance Ltd.   INE806Q01018
Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd. 532041  INE597C01013
Hindustan Breweries & Bottling Ltd. 507140   
Hindustan Composites Ltd. 509635 HINDCOMPOSEQ INE310C01029
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd. 500185 HCCEQ INE549A01026
Hindustan Copper Ltd. 513599 HINDCOPPEREQ INE531E01026
Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd. 509627  INE551A01022
Hindustan Everest Tools Ltd. 505725  INE598D01019
Hindustan Flurocarbons Ltd. 524013  INE806J01013
Hindustan Foods Ltd. 519126 HNDFDSEQ INE254N01018
Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd. 505893  INE724D01011
Hindustan Housing Company Ltd. 509650  INE083O01019
Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd. 533217 HMVLEQ INE871K01015
Hindustan Motors Ltd. 500500 HINDMOTORSEQ INE253A01025
Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd. 500186 HINDOILEXPEQ INE345A01011
Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. 500449  INE048A01011
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 500104 HINDPETROEQ INE094A01015
Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Company Ltd. 524316   
Hindustan Tin Works Ltd. 530315  INE428D01019
Hindustan Unilever Ltd. 500696 HINDUNILVREQ INE030A01027
Hindustan Wires Ltd. 504713  INE075C01010
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. 500188 HINDZINCEQ INE267A01025
Hindusthan Engineering and Industries Ltd. 500448  INE665C01026
Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd. 515145 HINDNATGLSEQ INE952A01022
Hindusthan Udyog Ltd. 513039  INE582K01018
Hindusthan Urban Infrastructure Ltd. 539984  INE799B01017
Hipolin Ltd. 530853  INE963A01011
Hira Automobiles Ltd. 531743  INE258Z01013
Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. 533256  INE573I01011
Hiran Orgochem Ltd. 506170  INE546E01016
Hisar Metal Industries Ltd. 590018 HISARMETALEQ INE598C01011
Hisar Spinning Mills Ltd. 521068  INE689E01014
Hit Kit Global Solutions Ltd. 532359  INE309B01023
Hitech Corporation Ltd. 526217 HITECHCORPBE INE120D01012
Hitechi Jewellery Industries Ltd. 526486  INE143B01018
Hitkari China Ltd. 531485  INE839D01017
Hitkari Industries Ltd. 530633  INE553B01018
Hittco Tools Ltd. 531661  INE863C01019
HKG Ltd. 539097  INE904R01027
HLE Glasscoat Ltd. 522215  INE461D01010
HLV Ltd. 500193 HLVLTDEQ INE102A01024
HMT Ltd. 500191 HMTBZ INE262A01018
Honda India Power Products Ltd. 522064 HONDAPOWEREQ INE634A01018
Honeywell Automation India Ltd. 517174 HONAUTEQ INE671A01010
Hotel Rugby Ltd. 526683 HOTELRUGBYEQ INE275F01019
Hotline Glass Ltd. 500195  INE676B01017
Hotline Teletube & Components Ltd. 517208  INE677B01015
Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. 540530 HUDCOEQ INE031A01017
Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd. 532873 HDILBZ INE191I01012
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. 500010 HDFCEQ INE001A01036
HOV Services Ltd. 532761 HOVSEQ INE596H01014
Howard Hotels Ltd. 526761  INE931B01016
HPC Biosciences Ltd. 535217  INE507O01025
HPL Electric & Power Ltd. 540136 HPLEQ INE495S01016
HRB Floriculture Ltd. 531724  INE284D01016
HSIL Ltd. 500187 HSILEQ INE415A01038
HT Media Ltd. 532662 HTMEDIABE INE501G01024
Hubtown Ltd. 532799 HUBTOWNEQ INE703H01016
Huhtamaki PPL Ltd. 509820 PAPERPRODEQ INE275B01026
Humming Bird Education Ltd. 542592  INE02PC01019
Husys Consulting Ltd.  HUSYSLTDSM INE336T01010
Hybrid Financial Services Ltd. 500262  INE965B01014
Hypersoft Technologies Ltd. 539724  INE039D01014
Hytone Texstyles Ltd. 514258  INE926D01012
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