The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

F Mec International Financial Services Ltd. 539552  INE108T01013
Facor Alloys Ltd. 532656  INE828G01013
Facor Steels Ltd. 532657  INE829G01011
Fact Enterprise Ltd. 511668  INE923D01019
Fairchem Organics Ltd.    
Fairdeal Filaments Ltd. 514474  INE719D01011
Fairfield Atlas Ltd. 520145  INE922C01013
Falcon Tyres Ltd. 509527  INE511B01024
Fame India Ltd. 532631  INE886G01011
Farmax India Ltd. 590094  INE890I01035
Fast Track Entertainment Ltd. 532084  INE074D01037
FAZE THREE Autofab Ltd. 532459  INE207D01017
Faze Three Ltd. 530079  INE963C01033
FCS Software Solutions Ltd. 532666 FCSSOFTBE INE512B01022
FDC Ltd. 531599 FDCEQ INE258B01022
FE (India) Ltd. 530863  INE708C01016
Fedders Electric and Engineering Ltd. 500139  INE249C01011
Federal Bank Ltd. 500469 FEDERALBNKEQ INE171A01029
Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd. 505744 FMGOETZEEQ INE529A01010
Felix Industries Ltd.  FELIXSM INE901X01013
Fenoplast Ltd. 526689  INE138D01014
Fermenta Biotech Ltd. 506414  INE225B01021
Ferro Alloys Corporation Ltd. 500141  INE912A01026
Fervent Synergies Ltd. 533896  INE258M01011
FGP Ltd. 500142  INE512A01016
Fiberweb (India) Ltd. 507910  INE296C01020
Fics Consultancy Services Ltd. 508815  INE651J01013
FIEM Industries Ltd. 532768 FIEMINDEQ INE737H01014
Filaments India Ltd. 514472  INE179C01010
Filatex Fashions Ltd. 532022  INE185E01013
Filatex India Ltd. 526227 FILATEXEQ INE816B01027
Filmcity Media Ltd. 531486  INE600B01033
Filtra Consultants & Engineers Ltd. 539098  INE541R01019
Filtron Engineers Ltd. 531191  INE589N01017
Finalysis Credit & Guarantee Company Ltd. 531820  INE977C01017
Finaventure Capital Ltd. 512219  INE128B01019
Fine Line Circuits Ltd. 517264  INE087E01011
Fine Organic Industries Ltd. 541557 FINEORGEQ INE686Y01026
Fineotex Chemical Ltd. 533333 FCLEQ INE045J01026
Finkurve Financial Services Ltd. 508954  INE734I01027
Finolex Cables Ltd. 500144 FINCABLESEQ INE235A01022
Finolex Industries Ltd. 500940 FINPIPEEQ INE183A01024
Fintech Communication Ltd. 531754  INE815B01011
First Custodian Fund (India) Ltd. 511122  INE609B01018
First Financial Services Ltd. 511369  INE141N01025
First Leasing Company of India Ltd. 500145  INE492B01019
First Winner Industries Ltd. 532996  INE315J01015
Firstobject Technologies Ltd. 532379  INE683B01047
Firstsource Solutions Ltd. 532809 FSLEQ INE684F01012
Fischer Chemic Ltd. 524743  INE771F01025
Five Core Electronics Ltd.   INE574Z01013
Five Core Exim Ltd. 530885  INE600D01021
Five X Tradecom Ltd. 536751  INE750L01019
Flawless Diamond (india) Ltd. 523576  INE345E01021
Flex Foods Ltd. 523672  INE954B01018
Flexituff Ventures International Ltd. 533638 FLEXITUFFBE INE060J01017
Flomic Global Logistics Ltd. 504380  INE952M01019
Flora Corporation Ltd. 540267  INE318U01016
Flora Textiles Ltd. 530705  INE161F01011
Florence Investech Ltd. 532518  INE211G01020
Fluidomat Ltd. 522017  INE459C01016
Focus Industrial Resources Ltd. 534757  INE603E01023
Focus Lighting and Fixtures Ltd.  FOCUSSM INE593W01010
Focus Suites Solutions & Services Ltd. 540945  INE180Z01019
Fomento Resorts & Hotels Ltd. 503831  INE241E01014
Foods & Inns Ltd. 507552  INE976E01023
Forbes & Company Ltd. 502865  INE518A01013
Force Motors Ltd. 500033 FORCEMOTEQ INE451A01017
Fortis Healthcare Ltd. 532843 FORTISEQ INE061F01013
Fortis Malar Hospitals Ltd. 523696  INE842B01015
Fortune Foods Ltd. 519187  INE712V01018
Fortune International Ltd. 530213  INE501D01013
Foseco India Ltd. 500150 FOSECOINDEQ INE519A01011
Foundry Fuel Products Ltd. 513579  INE617C01027
Fourth Dimension Solutions Ltd.  FOURTHDIMSZ INE382T01014
Fourth Generation Information Systems Ltd. 532403  INE739B01039
Franklin Industries Ltd. 540190  INE789R01014
Franklin Leasing & Finance Ltd. 539839  INE399S01010
Fraser & Company Ltd. 539032  INE184Q01010
Fredun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 539730  INE194R01017
Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd. 532545  INE575G01010
Freshtrop Fruits Ltd. 530077  INE795D01011
Frog Cellsat Ltd.   INE385O01018
Frontier Capital Ltd. 508980  INE977E01013
Frontier Springs Ltd. 522195  INE572D01014
Frontline Corporation Ltd. 532042  INE092D01013
Frontline Financial Services Ltd. 531685  INE776R01011
Frontline Securities Ltd. 533213  INE773B01020
Fruition Venture Ltd. 538568  INE836C01015
Fulford (India) Ltd. 506803  INE521A01017
Fundviser Capital (India) Ltd. 530197  INE365H01014
Funny Software Ltd. 539169  INE105R01013
Funworld & Tourism Development Ltd. 531854  INE288H01018
Fusion Fittings (I) Ltd. 531760  INE284L01019
Futura Polyesters Ltd. 500720 INDIANORGBE INE564A01017
Future Consumer Ltd. 533400 FCONSUMEREQ INE220J01025
Future Enterprises Ltd. 523574 FELEQ INE623B01027
Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd. 536507 FLFLEQ INE452O01016
Future Market Networks Ltd. 533296 FMNLEQ INE360L01017
Future Retail Ltd. 540064 FRETAILEQ INE752P01024
Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. 540798 FSCEQ INE935Q01015
Futuristic Offshore Services & Chemical Ltd. 500154  INE418A01016
Futuristic Securities Ltd. 523113  INE425D01015
Futuristic Solutions Ltd. 534063  INE241F01011
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