The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

E-Land Apparel Ltd. 532820 ELANDEQ INE311H01018
E-Metals India Ltd. 531361   
E.Star Infotech Ltd. 532417  INE546B01020
E2E Networks Ltd.  E2ESM INE255Z01019
Earum Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 542724  INE060601015
East Buildtech Ltd. 507917  INE706N01017
East India Securities Ltd. 541053  INE482Z01019
East West Holdings Ltd. 540006  INE595R01015
Eastcoast Steel Ltd. 520081  INE315F01013
Eastern Gases Ltd. 540790  INE846C01014
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd. 590022 EASTSILKBE INE962C01027
Eastern Sugar & Industries Ltd. 507528  INE889B01016
Eastern Treads Ltd. 531346  INE500D01015
Easun Capital Markets Ltd. 542906  INE771C01014
Easun Reyrolle Ltd. 532751 EASUNREYRLBZ INE268C01029
Easy Fincorp Ltd. 511074  INE407F01018
Easy Trip Planners Ltd. 543272 EASEMYTRIPEQ INE07O001018
Ebers Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 507715  INE669D01018
Ebixcash World Money India Ltd. 533452 EBIXFOREXEQ INE726L01019
ECE Industries Ltd. 532491  INE588B01014
eClerx Services Ltd. 532927 ECLERXEQ INE738I01010
Eco Friendly Food Processing Park Ltd. 534839  INE178O01025
Eco Recycling Ltd. 530643  INE316A01038
Ecoboard Industries Ltd. 523732  INE866A01016
Econo Trade (India) Ltd. 538708  INE937K01014
Ecoplast Ltd. 526703  INE423D01010
ECS Biztech Ltd. 540063  INE925Q01024
Ed & Tech International Ltd. 590038 VISUINTLBZ INE965A01016
Eddy Current Control (India) Ltd. 503982   
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. 532922 EDELWEISSEQ INE532F01054
Edserv Softsystems Ltd. 533055  INE889J01019
Educomp Solutions Ltd. 532696 EDUCOMPBZ INE216H01027
Eduexel Infotainment Ltd. 526483  INE611F01015
Edword Keventer (Successors) Pvt. Ltd.    
Edynamics Solutions Ltd. 535694  INE899O01018
Effingo Textile & Trading Ltd. 512207  INE907N01029
Eicher Motors Ltd. 505200 EICHERMOTEQ INE066A01021
EICL Ltd. 526560  INE267F01024
EID Parry (India) Ltd. 500125 EIDPARRYEQ INE126A01031
EIH Associated Hotels Ltd. 523127 EIHAHOTELSEQ INE276C01014
EIH Ltd. 500840 EIHOTELEQ INE230A01023
Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd. 523708 EIMCOELECOEQ INE158B01016
Ejecta Marketing Ltd. 538653  INE649L01013
Ekam Leasing & Finance Company Ltd. 530581  INE906L01025
EKI Energy Services Ltd. 543284  INE0CPR01018
EL Forge Ltd. 531144  INE158F01017
Elango Industries Ltd. 513452  INE594D01018
Elantas Beck India Ltd. 500123  INE280B01018
Elbee Services Ltd. 526624  INE030B01017
Elcid Investments Ltd. 503681  INE927X01018
Elcon Finlease & Industries Ltd. 511167   
Eldeco Housing & Industries Ltd. 523329  INE668G01013
Elder Health Care Ltd. 524830  INE950E01010
Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 532322  INE975A01015
Elder Projects Ltd. 524788  INE975E01017
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. 505700 ELECONEQ INE205B01023
Electrex (India) Ltd. 517378  INE167A01019
Electric Control Gear India Ltd. 509358  INE458C01018
Electrosteel Castings Ltd. 500128 ELECTCASTEQ INE086A01029
Electrosteel Steels Ltd. 533264  INE481K01021
Electrotherm (India) Ltd. 526608 ELECTHERMEQ INE822G01016
Elegant Floriculture & Agrotech (I) Ltd. 526473  INE152E01013
Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Ltd. 526705  INE095B01010
ELF Trading & Chemicals Manufacturing Ltd. 504387   
Elgi Equipments Ltd. 522074 ELGIEQUIPEQ INE285A01027
Elgi Rubber Company Ltd.  ELGIRUBCOEQ INE819L01012
Elite Conductors Ltd.   INE584S01017
Elitecon International Ltd. 539533  INE669R01018
Elixir Capital Ltd. 531278  INE785D01012
Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd. 590087  INE236E01014
Ellora Paper Mills Ltd. 502374  INE384H01015
Ellora Trading Ltd. 542803  INE560T01015
Elnet Technologies Ltd. 517477  INE033C01019
Elpro International Ltd. 504000  INE579B01039
EMA India Ltd. 522027  INE279D01016
Emami Ltd. 531162 EMAMILTDEQ INE548C01032
Emami Paper Mills Ltd. 533208 EMAMIPAPEQ INE830C01026
Emami Realty Ltd. 533218 EMAMIREALEQ INE778K01012
Embassy Office Parks REIT 542602 EMBASSYRR INE041025011
Emco Ltd. 504008 EMCOBZ INE078A01026 Technologies Ltd. 524588  INE379F01019
Emerald Leasing Finance & Investment Company Ltd. 538882  INE030Q01015
Emerald Leisures Ltd. 507265  INE044N01013
Emergent Industrial Solutions Ltd. 506180  INE668L01013
Emergy Phaarma Ltd. 524812  INE586C01016
Emgee Cables And Communications Ltd. 530333  INE128F01010
Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd. 532737 EMKAYEQ INE296H01011
Emkay Taps & Cutting Tools Ltd.  EMKAYTOOLSSM INE332S01011
Emmbi Industries Ltd. 533161 EMMBIEQ INE753K01015
Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd. 524768  INE634B01016
Emmsons International Ltd. 532038  INE073C01015
Empee Distilleries Ltd. 532920  INE180G01019
Empee Sugars and Chemicals Ltd. 500132  INE928B01012
Empire Industries Ltd. 509525  INE515H01014
Emporis Projects Ltd. 531470  INE742D01013
Empower India Ltd. 504351  INE507F01023
Emrald Commercial Ltd.   INE162D01014
Emtex Industries (India) Ltd. 521099  INE907B01016
Enbee Trade & Finance Ltd. 512441  INE993I01011
Encash Entertainment Ltd. 538684  INE552Q01018
Enchante Jewellery Ltd. 531148  INE772C01012
Encore Business Systems Ltd.   INE572B01018
Encore Software Ltd.    
Endurance Technologies Ltd. 540153 ENDURANCEEQ INE913H01037
Energy Development Company Ltd. 532219 ENERGYDEVBE INE306C01019
Energy Products (India) Ltd. 531620  INE718D01013
Engineers India Ltd. 532178 ENGINERSINEQ INE510A01028
Enjayes Natural Flavours Ltd. 531964   
Enkay Texofood Industries Ltd. 514254  INE108D01017
Enkei Wheels (India) Ltd. 533477  INE130L01014
Ennore Coke Ltd. 512369  INE755H01016
Ensa Steel Industries Ltd. 512135  INE322C01016
Enso Secutrack Ltd. 532984  INE969A01018
Entegra Ltd. 532287  INE826A01028
Enterprise International Ltd. 526574  INE439G01019
Entertainment Network (India) Ltd. 532700 ENILEQ INE265F01028
Envair Electrodyne Ltd. 500246  INE601C01013
Eon Electric Ltd. 532658  INE076H01025
Eonour Technologies Ltd. 532308  INE352B01023
EPIC Energy Ltd. 530407  INE932F01015
EPIC Enzymes Pharmaceuticals & Industrial Chemicals Ltd. 524374  INE278A01014
EPL Ltd. 500135 EPLEQ INE255A01020
EPSOM Properties Ltd. 531155  INE601F01016
Equilaterial Enterprises Ltd. 531262  INE060N01019
Equitas Holdings Ltd. 539844 EQUITASEQ INE988K01017
Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd.    
Era Infra Engineering Ltd. 530323  INE039E01020
Ergon Power Corporation Ltd. 526279  INE807B01018
Eris Lifesciences Ltd. 540596 ERISEQ INE406M01024
Eros International Media Ltd. 533261 EROSMEDIAEQ INE416L01017
ERP Soft Systems Ltd. 530909  INE308B01017
Esaar (India) Ltd. 531502  INE404L01039
Esab India Ltd. 500133 ESABINDIAEQ INE284A01012
Escorp Asset Management Ltd. 540455  INE953W01016
Escorts Finance Ltd. 511716  INE359A01012
Escorts Ltd. 500495 ESCORTSEQ INE042A01014
Esha Media Research Ltd. 531259  INE328F01016
Eskay Kn'IT (India) Ltd. 514118  INE220A01032
ESL Industries Ltd. 512583   
Esquire Money Guarantees Ltd. 512439   
Ess Dee Aluminium Ltd. 532787 ESSDEEBZ INE825H01017
Essar Oil Ltd. 500134  INE011A01019
Essar Ports Ltd. 500630  INE282A01032
Essar Securities Ltd. 533149  INE143K01019
Essar Shipping Ltd. 533704 ESSARSHPNGEQ INE122M01019
Essjay Synthetics Ltd. 514466   
Esskay Telecom Ltd. 531478  INE913C01012
Esteem Bio Organic Food Processing Ltd. 534927  INE209O01028
Ester Industries Ltd. 500136 ESTEREQ INE778B01029
ETP Corporation Ltd. 512127  INE581C01017
ETT Ltd. 537707  INE546I01017
Eupharma Laboratories Ltd. 530409  INE909A01014
Eureka Industries Ltd. 521137  INE958A01011
Euro Asia Exports Ltd. 530929  INE535P01015
Euro Ceramics Ltd. 532823  INE649H01011
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd.  EIFFLSM INE546V01010
Euro Leder Fashions Ltd. 526468  INE940E01011
Euro Multivision Ltd. 533109 EUROMULTIBZ INE063J01011
European Software Alliances Ltd. 530387  INE511A01018
Eurotex Industries & Exports Ltd. 521014 EUROTEXINDEQ INE022C01012
Evans Electric Ltd. 542668  INE06TD01010
Eveready Industries India Ltd. 531508 EVEREADYEQ INE128A01029
Everest Industries Ltd. 508906 EVERESTINDEQ INE295A01018
Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. 532684 EKCEQ INE184H01027
Everest Organics Ltd. 524790  INE334C01029
Evergreen Textiles Ltd. 514060  INE229N01010
Everlon Synthetics Ltd. 514358  INE339D01034
Everonn Education Ltd. 532876  INE678H01010
Evexia Lifecare Ltd. 524444  INE313M01014
Evinix Industries Ltd. 532818  INE961H01028
Excel Castronics Ltd. 526735  INE501O01036
Excel Crop Care Ltd. 532511 EXCELCROPEQ INE223G01017
Excel Glasses Ltd. 502223  INE664C01029
Excel Industries Ltd. 500650 EXCELINDUSEQ INE369A01029
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd. 533090 EXCELEQ INE688J01015
Exdon Trading Company Ltd. 512017  INE204I01013
Exedy India Ltd. 505923  INE773A01014
Exelon Infrastructure Ltd. 530337  INE500I01022
Exide Industries Ltd. 500086 EXIDEINDEQ INE302A01020
Exotic Coal Ltd. 531320  INE898K01018
Expleo Solutions Ltd. 533121 EXPLEOSOLEQ INE201K01015
Explicit Finance Ltd. 530571  INE335G01019
Expo Gas Containers Ltd. 526614  INE561D01025
Extol Commercial Ltd. 512163  INE670D01016
Exxoteq Corporation Ltd. 526498  INE860B01017
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