The ATS, provides you with a veritable goldmine of information on over 5000 companies. Included here are Profit and Loss accounts, balance sheets for the last five years, quarterly results and news items. To dive in, just enter the first few letters of the company or either BSE Code or NSE Code in search box provided below.

C & C Constructions Ltd. 532813 CANDCBZ INE874H01015
C G Impex Ltd. 531932  INE060F01015
C Mahendra Exports Ltd. 533304  INE378J01013
Cable Corporation of India Ltd. 500077  INE475A01016
Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 532321 CADILAHCEQ INE010B01027
Cadsys (India) Ltd.  CADSYSSM INE090Y01013
Cairn India Ltd. 532792  INE910H01017
Calcom Vision Ltd. 517236  INE216C01010
California Software Company Ltd. 532386 CALSOFTBE INE526B01014
Callista Industries Ltd. 539335  INE714Q01014
Cals Refineries Ltd. 526652  INE040C01022
Cambridge Technology Enterprises Ltd. 532801 CTEEQ INE627H01017
Camex Ltd. 524440  INE198C01010
Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. 532834 CAMLINFINEEQ INE052I01032
Camson Bio Technologies Ltd. 538858  INE845E01012
Camson Seeds Ltd. 540071  INE494T01017
Can Fin Homes Ltd. 511196 CANFINHOMEEQ INE477A01020
Cana Glass Ltd. 515137  INE155F01013
Canara Bank 532483 CANBKEQ INE476A01014
Canopy Finance Ltd. 539304  INE095R01016
Cantabil Retail India Ltd. 533267 CANTABILEQ INE068L01016
Capacit'e Infraprojects Ltd. 540710 CAPACITEEQ INE264T01014
Capco Industries Ltd.   INE012T01017
Capfin India Ltd. 539198  INE960C01013
Capital Finvest Ltd.   INE379R01014
Capital First Ltd. 532938  INE688I01017
Capital India Finance Ltd. 530879  INE345H01016
Capital Trade Links Ltd. 538476  INE172D01021
Capital Trust Ltd. 511505 CAPTRUSTEQ INE707C01018
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. 524742 CAPLIPOINTEQ INE475E01026
Capman Financials Ltd. 511720  INE862D01019
Capri Global Capital Ltd. 531595 CGCLEQ INE180C01026
Capricorn Systems Global Solutions Ltd. 512169  INE968E01012
Caprihans India Ltd. 509486  INE479A01018
Caprolactam Chemicals Ltd. 507486  INE470N01010
Captain Pipes Ltd. 538817  INE513R01018
Captain Polyplast Ltd. 536974  INE536P01021
Captain Technocast Ltd. 540652  INE931X01010
Carborundum Universal Ltd. 513375 CARBORUNIVEQ INE120A01034
CARE Ratings Ltd. 534804 CARERATINGEQ INE752H01013
Career Point Ltd. 533260 CAREERPEQ INE521J01018
Carnation Industries Ltd. 530609  INE081B01010
Carol Info Services Ltd. 500446  INE198A01014
Castex Technologies Ltd. 532282 CASTEXTECHEQ INE068D01021
Castrol India Ltd. 500870 CASTROLINDEQ INE172A01027
Castron Technologies Ltd. 506095  INE492D01015
CAT Technologies Ltd. 531682  INE170B01037
Catvision Ltd. 531158  INE660B01011
Cauvery Software Engineering Systems Ltd. 500080  INE466B01013
CCL International Ltd. 531900  INE778E01031
CCL Products India Ltd. 519600 CCLEQ INE421D01022
CCS Infotech Ltd. 532405  INE661B01019
CDG Petchem Ltd. 534796  INE198N01017
CDI International Ltd. 526141  INE821B01019
CDR Health Care Ltd. 523353  INE369F01010
Ceat Ltd. 500878 CEATLTDEQ INE482A01020
Ceejay Finance Ltd. 530789  INE358C01010
Ceenik Exports (India) Ltd. 531119  INE418D01010
Ceeta Industries Ltd. 514171  INE760J01012
Ceinsys Tech Ltd. 538734  INE016Q01014
Celebrity Fashions Ltd. 532695 CELEBRITYEQ INE185H01016
Celestial Biolabs Ltd. 532871 CELESTIALBZ INE221I01017
Cella Space Ltd. 532701  INE266H01014
Cellulose Products of India Ltd. 506345   
Cenlub Industries Ltd. 522251  INE627F01011
Centenial Surgical Suture Ltd. 531380  INE405H01018
Centerac Technologies Ltd. 531621  INE157B01026
Central Bank of India 532885 CENTRALBKEQ INE483A01010
Central Depository Services (India) Ltd.  CDSLEQ INE736A01011
Central Provinces Railways Company Ltd. 501827  INE631B01038
Centron Industrial Alliance Ltd. 509499  INE450L01024
Centrum Capital Ltd. 501150 CENTRUMEQ INE660C01027
Centum Electronics Ltd. 517544 CENTUMEQ INE320B01020
Century Enka Ltd. 500280 CENTENKAEQ INE485A01015
Century Extrusions Ltd. 500083 CENTEXTEQ INE281A01026
Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. 532548 CENTURYPLYEQ INE348B01021
Century Textiles & Industries Ltd. 500040 CENTURYTEXEQ INE055A01016
Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. 532443 CERAEQ INE739E01017
Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd. 532413 CEREBRAINTEQ INE345B01019
CES Ltd. 512341  INE396F01013
CESC Ltd. 500084 CESCEQ INE486A01013
CESC Ventures Ltd. 542333 CESCVENTEQ INE425Y01011
Cethar Industries Ltd. 531473  IN1111111111
CFL Capital Financial Services Ltd. 511272  INE481A01014
CFSL Ltd. 511710  INE717D01023
CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. 500093 CGPOWEREQ INE067A01029
CG-VAK Software & Exports Ltd. 531489  INE084D01010
Chadha Papers Ltd. 531946  INE669W01018
Chain Impex Ltd. 522203   
Chalet Hotels Ltd. 542399 CHALETEQ INE427F01016
Chamak Holdings Ltd. 539600  INE049R01013
Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd. 530307  INE419D01026
Chambal Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. 512301  INE417N01011
Chambal Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. 500085 CHAMBLFERTEQ INE085A01013
Champion Finsec Ltd. 504367  INE815H01018
Chandni Machines Ltd. 542627  INE01GZ01011
Chandni Textiles Engineering Industries Ltd. 522292  INE713D01055
Chandra Bhagat Pharma Ltd. 542934  INE07QQ01016
Chandra Prabhu International Ltd. 530309  INE368D01017
Chandrima Mercantiles Ltd. 540829  INE371F01016
Channel Nine Entertainment Ltd. 535142  INE437O01025
Charminar Industrial Corporation Ltd. 515105   
Charms Industries Ltd. 531327  INE442C01012
Chartered Capital & Investment Ltd. 511696  INE953B01010
Chartered Logistics Ltd. 531977  INE558F01026
Chase Bright Steel Ltd. 504671   
CHD Chemicals Ltd. 539800  INE043U01010
CHD Developers Ltd. 526917  INE659B01021
Chembond Chemicals Ltd. 530871 CHEMBONDEQ INE995D01025
Chemcel Biotech Ltd. 533026  INE213J01012
Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Ltd. 543233 CHEMCONEQ INE03YM01018
Chemcrux Enterprises Ltd. 540395  INE298W01016
Chemfab Alkalies Ltd. (Old) 506894  INE479E01028
Chemfab Alkalis Ltd. 541269 CHEMFABEQ INE783X01023
Chemiesynth (Vapi) Ltd. 539230  INE829R01018
Chemo Pharma Laboratories Ltd. 506365  INE320M01019
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd. 506355  INE488A01027
Chemtech Industrial Valves Ltd. 537326  INE212P01011
Chennai Ferrous Industries Ltd. 539011  INE777O01016
Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital Ltd. 523489  INE889F01017
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 500110 CHENNPETROEQ INE178A01016
Cheslind Textiles Ltd. 521056  INE217C01018
Chetak Spintex Ltd. 531655   
Chettinad Cement Corporation Ltd. 590001  INE132B01011
Cheviot Company Ltd. 526817  INE974B01016
Chhabra Spinners Ltd. 531653  INE420D01016
Chicago Software Industries Ltd.    
Chiplun Fine Chemicals Ltd. 530417  INE393G01018
Chitradurga Spintex Ltd. 521244  INE676G01024
CHL Ltd. 532992  INE790D01020
Choice International Ltd. 531358  INE102B01014
Chokhani Global Express Ltd. 523608   
Chokhani International Ltd. 523246  INE772F01015
Choksi Imaging Ltd. 530427  INE865B01016
Choksi Laboratories Ltd. 526546  INE493D01013
Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Ltd. 504973 CHOLAHLDNGEQ INE149A01033
Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd. 511243 CHOLAFINEQ INE121A01024
Chordia Food Products Ltd. 519475  INE975C01011
Chothani Foods Ltd. 540681  INE344X01016
Chowgule Steamships Ltd. 501833  INE490A01015
CHPL Industries Ltd.    
Chromatic India Ltd. 530191 CHROMATICBE INE662C01015
CIAN Agro Industries & Infrastructure Ltd. 519477  INE052V01019
Cian Healthcare Ltd. 542678  INE05BN01019
CIFCO Finance Ltd.    
Cigniti Technologies Ltd. 534758 CIGNITITECEQ INE675C01017
CIL Nova Petrochemicals Ltd. 533407 CNOVAPETROEQ INE672K01025
CIL Securities Ltd. 530829  INE830A01012
Cimmco Ltd. 505230 CIMMCOEQ INE184C01028
Cindrella Financial Services Ltd. 531283  INE897D01015
Cindrella Hotels Ltd. 526373  INE908C01012
Cineline India Ltd. 532807 CINELINEEQ INE704H01022
Cinemax India Ltd. 534711  INE460N01011
Cinerad Communications Ltd. 530457  INE959B01017
Cinevista Ltd. 532324 CINEVISTABE INE039B01026
Cipla Ltd. 500087 CIPLAEQ INE059A01026
Circuit Systems (India) Ltd. 532913  INE720H01010
Cistro Telelink Ltd. 531775  INE365C01023
Citadel Realty & Developers Ltd. 502445  INE906D01014
Citi Port Financial Services Ltd. 531235  INE494D01011
Citizen Infoline Ltd. 538786  INE473L01018
Citizen Yarns Ltd. 514366  INE940P01025
Citurgia Biochemicals Ltd. 506373  INE795B01031
City Online Services Ltd. 538674  INE158C01014
City Pulse Multiplex Ltd. 542727  INE056001014
City Union Bank Ltd. 532210 CUBEQ INE491A01021
Cityman Ltd. 521210  INE117C01010
Cityon Systems (India) Ltd. 780013  INE324P01014
CJ Gelatine Products Ltd. 507515  INE557D01015
CKP Leisure Ltd.  CKPLEISURESM INE418Y01016
CKP Products Ltd.  CKPPRODUCTSZ INE977V01017
CL Educate Ltd. 540403 CLEDUCATEBE INE201M01011
Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd. 506390 CLNINDIAEQ INE492A01029
Claris Lifesciences Ltd. 533288  INE562G01018
Clarisis Organics Ltd. 524806  INE654F01015
Claro India Ltd. 524366   
Classic Biotech & Exports Ltd. 531670  INE038C01018
Classic Diamonds (India) Ltd. 523200  INE987C01024
Classic Electricals Ltd. 512213  INE02BR01017
Classic Filaments Ltd. 540310  INE181U01018
Classic Global Finance And Capital Ltd. 538433  INE854P01028
Classic Leasing & Finance Ltd. 540481  INE949C01016
CLC Industries Ltd. 521082 SPENTEXBZ INE376C01020
CLIO Infotech Ltd. 530839  INE011B01017
Clutch Auto Ltd. 505052  INE779B01019
CMC Ltd. 517326  INE314A01017
CMI Ltd. 517330 CMICABLESEQ INE981B01011
CMM Infraprojects Ltd.   INE289S01013
CMS Finvest Ltd.    
CNI Research Ltd. 512018  INE135H01029
Coal India Ltd. 533278 COALINDIAEQ INE522F01014
Coastal Corporation Ltd. 501831  INE377E01016
Coastal Roadways Ltd. 520131  INE229E01019
Cochin Malabar Estates & Industries Ltd. 508571  INE788M01017
Cochin Minerals & Rutile Ltd. 513353  INE105D01013
Cochin Shipyard Ltd. 540678 COCHINSHIPEQ INE704P01017
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd. 539436 COFFEEDAYBZ INE335K01011
Coforge Ltd. 532541 COFORGEEQ INE591G01017
Coimbatore Lakshmi Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. 511435   
Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. 500830 COLPALEQ INE259A01022
Colinz Laboratories Ltd. 531210  INE923C01011
Colorchips New Media Ltd. 540023  INE621I01026
Comfort Commotrade Ltd. 534691  INE456N01019
Comfort Fincap Ltd. 535267  INE274M01018
Comfort Intech Ltd. 531216  INE819A01031
Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Co Ltd. 533272 CEBBCOEQ INE209L01016
Commercial Syn Bags Ltd. 539986  INE073V01015
Commex Technology Ltd. 532342  INE354B01029
Competent Automobiles Co Ltd. 531041  INE823B01015
Compuage Infocom Ltd. 532456 COMPINFOEQ INE070C01037
Compucom Software Ltd. 532339 COMPUSOFTEQ INE453B01029
Compudyne Winfosystems Ltd. 532306  INE531B01014
Computech International Ltd. 531224  INE751A01028
Computer Age Management Services Ltd. 543232 CAMSEQ INE596I01012
Computer Point Ltd. 507833  INE607B01012
Computerskill Ltd. 531474  INE127C01019
Conart Engineers Ltd. 522231  INE714D01012
Concord Drugs Ltd. 538965  INE858L01010
Concrete Credit Ltd. 539266  INE719G01014
Confidence Finance and Trading Ltd. 504340  INE180M01033
Confidence Futuristic Energetech Ltd. 539991  INE700F01016
Confidence Petroleum India Ltd. 526829 CONFIPETEQ INE552D01024
Consecutive Investments & Trading Company Ltd. 539091  INE187R01011
Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd. 532902 CCCLBE INE429I01024
Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd. 500226 CONSOFINVTEQ INE025A01027
Consortex Karl Doelitzsch (India) Ltd. 531852  INE870A01018
Constronics Infra Ltd. 523844  INE537B01011
Container Corporation of India Ltd. 531344 CONCOREQ INE111A01025
Containerway International Ltd. 540597  INE319U01014
Contil India Ltd. 531067  INE080G01011
Continental Chemicals Ltd. 506935  INE423K01015
Continental Construction Ltd. 507956  INE970B01014
Continental Controls Ltd. 531460  INE545B01022
Continental Petroleums Ltd. 523232  INE369D01015
Continental Securities Ltd. 538868  INE183Q01012
Continental Seeds and Chemicals Ltd.  CONTISM INE340Z01019
Control Print Ltd. 522295 CONTROLPREQ INE663B01015
Coral Hub Ltd. 533011  INE108J01030
Coral India Finance and Housing Ltd. 531556 CORALFINACEQ INE558D01021
Coral Laboratories Ltd. 524506  INE683E01017
Coral Newsprints Ltd. 530755  INE715D01019
Cords Cable Industries Ltd. 532941 CORDSCABLEEQ INE792I01017
CORE Education & Technologies Ltd. 512199  INE247G01024
Coromandel Agro Products and Oils Ltd. 507543  INE495D01018
Coromandel Engineering Company Ltd. 533167  INE312J01012
Coromandel International Ltd. 506395 COROMANDELEQ INE169A01031
Corporate Couriers & Cargo Ltd. 526737  INE871E01018
Corporate Merchant Bankers Ltd. 540199  INE850R01014
Corporation Bank [Merged] 532179 CORPBANKEQ INE112A01023
Cosboard Industries Ltd. 530859  INE496D01016
Cosco (India) Ltd. 530545  INE949B01018
Cosmo Ferrites Ltd. 523100  INE124B01018
Cosmo Films Ltd. 508814 COSMOFILMSEQ INE757A01017
Cospower Engineering Ltd. 543172  INE0CQB01010
Cosyn Ltd. 538922  INE029B01019
Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Ltd. 526550 CCHHLEQ INE652F01027
Country Condo's Ltd. 531624 COUNCODOSEQ INE695B01025
Coventry Coil-O-Matic (Haryana) Ltd. 523415  INE964D01013
Coventry Springs & Engg. Co. Ltd. 522269   
Covidh Technologies Ltd. 534920  INE899M01012
Cox & Kings Financial Services Ltd. 542641  INE391Z01012
Cox & Kings Ltd. 533144 COX&KINGSBZ INE008I01026
CPEC Ltd. 505678  INE029P01019
Crane Infrastructure Ltd. 538770  INE176L01017
Cranes Software International Ltd. 512093  INE234B01023
Cranex Ltd. 522001  INE608B01010
Cravatex Ltd. 509472  INE145E01017
Crazy Infotech Ltd. 524388  INE664B01021
Creative Castings Ltd. 539527  INE146E01015
Creative Eye Ltd. 532392 CREATIVEYEBE INE230B01021
Creative Merchants Ltd. 538504  INE896P01011
Creative Peripherals and Distribution Ltd.  CREATIVEEQ INE985W01018
Creative World Telefilms Ltd.    
Credence Sound & Vision Ltd. 526741  INE406C01033
CreditAccess Grameen Ltd. 541770 CREDITACCEQ INE741K01010
Crescent Leasing Ltd. 539131  INE767G01013
Cressanda Solutions Ltd. 512379  INE716D01033
Crest Animation Studios Ltd. 526785  INE774A01012
Crest Ventures Ltd. 511413 CRESTEQ INE559D01011
Crestchem Ltd. 526269  INE293N01016
Crew B.O.S Products Ltd. 532542  INE514G01019
Crimson Metal Engineering Company Ltd. 526977  INE318P01016
Crisil Ltd. 500092 CRISILEQ INE007A01025
Cromakem Ltd. 526181   
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. 539876 CROMPTONEQ INE299U01018
Crown Lifters Ltd.  CROWNSM INE491V01019
Crown Tours Ltd. 538521  INE969E01010
CRP Risk Management Ltd. 540903  INE422M01013
Crystal Software Solutions Ltd. 526033  INE665B01010
CSB Bank Ltd. 542867 CSBBANKEQ INE679A01013
CSJ Technologies Ltd. 531943  INE734C01012
CSL Finance Ltd. 530067  INE718F01018
CT Cotton Yarn Ltd. 500094  INE107D01019
CTIL Ltd. 532363  INE394B01017
Cubex Tubings Ltd. 526027 CUBEXTUBEQ INE144D01012
Cummins India Ltd. 500480 CUMMINSINDEQ INE298A01020
Cupid Ltd. 530843 CUPIDEQ INE509F01011
Cupid Trades & Finance Ltd. 512361  INE108G01010
Cura Technologies Ltd. 532332  INE117B01012
Cvil Infra Ltd. 511650   
Cybele Industries Ltd. 531472  INE183D01010
Cyber Media (India) Ltd. 532640 CYBERMEDIABE INE278G01037
Cybermate Infotek Ltd. 532271  INE215B01022
Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd. 532364  INE519B01019
Cybertech Systems & Software Ltd. 532173 CYBERTECHEQ INE214A01019
Cyient Ltd. 532175 CYIENTEQ INE136B01020
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