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A & M Febcon Ltd. 540697  INE319X01018
A and M Jumbo Bags Ltd.  AMJUMBOSM INE749Y01014
A F Enterprises Ltd. 538351  INE663P01015
A Infrastructure Ltd. 539620  INE534E01020
A-1 Acid Ltd. 542012  INE911Z01017
A2Z Infra Engineering Ltd. 533292 A2ZINFRAEQ INE619I01012
AAA Technologies Ltd.  AAATECHSM INE0D0U01013
Aadhaar Ventures India Ltd. 531611  INE063D01030
Aadi Industries Ltd. 530027  INE563D01013
Aagam Capital Ltd. 531866  INE817D01013
Aakar Engineering & Manufacturing Company Ltd. 522201  INE814B01014
Aakash Exploration Services Ltd.  AAKASHBE INE087Z01016
Aananda Lakshmi Spinning Mills Ltd. 539096  INE197R01010
Aanchal Ispat Ltd. 538812  INE322R01014
Aankit Granites Ltd. 523511   
AAR Commercial Company Ltd. 539632  INE184K01013
Aar Shyam India Investment Company Ltd. 542377  INE512R01010
Aarcon Facilities Ltd. 532024  INE056J01015
Aarey Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 524412  INE198H01019
Aarnav Fashions Ltd. 539562  INE750R01016
Aaron Industries Ltd.  AARONEQ INE721Z01010
Aartech Solonics Ltd. 542580  INE01C001018
Aarti Drugs Ltd. 524348 AARTIDRUGSEQ INE767A01016
Aarti Industries Ltd. 524208 AARTIINDEQ INE769A01020
Aarti Surfactants Ltd. 543210 AARTISURFEQ INE09EO01013
Aarv Infratel Ltd. 526488  INE432N01010
Aarvee Denims and Exports Ltd. 514274 AARVEEDENEQ INE273D01019
Aarvi Encon Ltd.  AARVIEQ INE754X01016
Aarya Global Shares & Securities Ltd. 531731  INE233H01030
Aasheesh Securities Ltd. 531514  INE174C01011
Aastha Broadcasting Network Ltd. 503673  INE199B01028
Aaswa Trading & Exports Ltd. 512038  INE887D01016
Aavas Financiers Ltd. 541988 AAVASEQ INE216P01012
Aayush Food & Herbs Ltd. 539528  INE430R01015
AB Infrabuild Ltd.  ABINFRASM INE00YB01017
Abacus Computers Ltd. 508987  INE192D01011
Aban Offshore Ltd. 523204 ABANEQ INE421A01028
Abans Enterprises Ltd. 512165  INE365O01010
ABB India Ltd. 500002 ABBEQ INE117A01022
ABB Power Products and Systems India Ltd. 543187 POWERINDIAEQ INE07Y701011
Abbott India Ltd. 500488 ABBOTINDIAEQ INE358A01014
ABC Bearings Ltd. 505665  INE779A01011
ABC Gas (International) Ltd. 513119  INE173M01012
ABC India Ltd. 520123  INE125D01011
Abee Info-Consumables Ltd. 530833  INE097B01016
ABG Shipyard Ltd. 532682  INE067H01016
Abhayam Trading Ltd. 511339  INE212A01013
Abhijit Trading Company Ltd.   INE994N01019
Abhimanu Exports Ltd.   INE076R01016
Abhinav Capital Services Ltd. 532057  INE516F01016
Abhinav Leasing & Finance Ltd. 538952  INE211D01027
Abhishek Corporation Ltd. 532831  INE004I01017
Abhishek Finlease Ltd. 538935  INE723C01015
Abhishek Finlease Ltd.    
Abhishek Infraventures Ltd. 539544  INE281P01016
Abirami Financial Services (India) Ltd. 511756  INE195I01013
ABL Bio-Technologies Ltd. 526955  INE707D01016
ABM International Ltd.  ABMINTLTDEQ INE251C01017
ABM Knowledgeware Ltd. 531161  INE850B01026
ABN Intercorp Ltd.  ABNINTIT INE982R01015
ACC Ltd. 500410 ACCEQ INE012A01025
Accedere Ltd. 531533  INE578B01015
ACCEL Ltd. 517494  INE258C01038
Accelya Solutions India Ltd. 532268 ACCELYAEQ INE793A01012
Accentia Technologies Ltd. 531897  INE122B01012
Acclaim Industries Ltd. 526347  INE051E01017
Accord Synergy Ltd.  ACCORDSM INE113X01015
Accuracy Shipping Ltd.  ACCURACYEQ INE648Z01015
Accurate Exports Ltd. 531905  INE062B01010
Accurate Transformers Ltd. 530513  INE243C01014
ACE Edutrend Ltd. 530093  INE715F01014
Ace Integrated Solutions Ltd.  ACEINTEGSM INE543V01017
Ace Men Engg Works Ltd. 539661  INE023R01018
ACE Software Exports Ltd. 531525  INE849B01010
Ace Tours Worldwide Ltd. 536492  INE926O01019
Acewin Agriteck Ltd. 539570  INE742R01013
Achal Investments Ltd. 538570  INE860P01025
ACI Infocom Ltd. 517356  INE167B01025
ACIL Cotton Industries Ltd. 530901  INE066C01035
Acknit Industries Ltd. 530043  INE326C01017
Acme Resources Ltd. 539391  INE636B01011
Acropetal Technologies Ltd. 533330  INE055L01013
Acrow India Ltd. 513149  INE950D01012
Acrysil Ltd. 524091 ACRYSILEQ INE482D01024
Action Construction Equipment Ltd. 532762 ACEEQ INE731H01025
Action Financial Services (India) Ltd. 511706  INE357A01032
Active Clothing Co Ltd. 541144  INE380Z01015
Ad-Manum Finance Ltd. 511359  INE556D01017
Adam Comsof Ltd. 526177  INE272A01017
Adani Enterprises Ltd. 512599 ADANIENTEQ INE423A01024
Adani Green Energy Ltd. 541450 ADANIGREENEQ INE364U01010
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd. 532921 ADANIPORTSEQ INE742F01042
Adani Power Ltd. 533096 ADANIPOWEREQ INE814H01011
Adani Total Gas Ltd. 542066 ATGLEQ INE399L01023
Adani Transmission Ltd. 539254 ADANITRANSEQ INE931S01010
Adarsh Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd. 506225   
Adarsh Mercantile Ltd. 538563  INE673E01018
Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd. 526711  INE627D01016
ADC India Communications Ltd. 523411  INE833A01016
Adcon Capital Services Ltd. 539506  INE805Q01010
Add-Shop E-Retail Ltd. 541865  INE01B501018
Addi Industries Ltd. 507852  INE757C01021
Addlife Pharma Ltd. 524665  INE124C01016
ADF Foods Ltd. 519183 ADFFOODSEQ INE982B01019
Adharshila Capital Services Ltd. 539493  INE269F01012
Adhbhut Infrastructure Ltd. 539189  INE578L01014
Adhiraj Distributors Ltd. 780018  INE067R01015
Adhunik Industries Ltd. 538365 ADHUNIKINDEQ INE452L01012
Adhunik Metaliks Ltd. 532727 ADHUNIKBZ INE400H01019
Adhunik Synthetics Ltd. 514055   
Adhunik Yarns Ltd. 514452   
Adinath Bio-Labs Ltd. 590088  INE129D01039
Adinath Exim Resources Ltd. 532056  INE398H01015
Adinath Textiles Ltd. 514113  INE207C01019
Aditri Industries Ltd. 534707  INE636N01016
Aditya Birla Capital Ltd. 540691 ABCAPITALEQ INE674K01013
Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) Ltd. 500057  INE605B01016
Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. 535755 ABFRLEQ INE647O01011
Aditya Birla Money Ltd. 532974 BIRLAMONEYEQ INE865C01022
Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd.(Amalgamated) 500303  INE069A01017
Aditya Consumer Marketing Ltd. 540146  INE427V01013
Aditya Estates Pvt. Ltd.   INE420J01013
Aditya Forge Ltd. 522150  INE281H01013
Aditya Ispat Ltd. 513513  INE570B01012
Aditya Spinners Ltd. 521141  INE122D01026
Aditya Vision Ltd. 540205  INE679V01019
Adjia Technologies Ltd. 543269  INE0G0V01018
Ador Fontech Ltd. 530431  INE853A01022
Ador Multiproducts Ltd. 523120  INE628D01014
Ador Welding Ltd. 517041 ADORWELDEQ INE045A01017
Adroit Infotech Ltd. 532172 ADROITINFOBE INE737B01033
ADS Diagnostic Ltd. 523031   
Advait Infratech Ltd. 543230  INE0ALI01010
Advance Lifestyles Ltd. 521048  INE900E01015
Advance Metering Technology Ltd. 534612  INE436N01029
Advance Multitech Ltd. 526331  INE875S01019
Advance Petrochemicals Ltd. 506947  INE334N01018
Advance Powerinfra Tech Ltd. 531047  INE009D01017
Advance Syntex Ltd. 539982  INE184U01012
Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. 540025 ADVENZYMESEQ INE837H01020
Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd. 517552  INE903C01013
Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd. 523269 ADVANIHOTREQ INE199C01026
Advanta Ltd. 532840  INE517H01028
Advent Computer Services Ltd. 531429  INE101C01022
Advik Capital Ltd. 539773  INE178T01024
Advik Laboratories Ltd. 531686  INE537C01019
Advitiya Trade India Ltd. 541152  INE705X01018
Aegis Logistics Ltd. 500003 AEGISCHEMEQ INE208C01025
Aeonian Investments Company Ltd. 503655  INE421F01027
Affle (India) Ltd. 542752 AFFLEEQ INE00WC01019
Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd. 541402  INE692Z01013
Aftek Ltd.    
Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd. 531921 AGARINDBE INE204E01012
AGC Networks Ltd. 500463 AGCNETEQ INE676A01019
AGI Infra Ltd. 539042  INE976R01017
Agio Paper & Industries Ltd. 516020  INE112C01011
Agnite Education Ltd. 532358  INE480B01022
Agri-Marine Exports Ltd. 519536   
Agri-Tech (India) Ltd. 537292 AGRITECHEQ INE449G01018
Agrimony Commodities Ltd. 537492  INE567P01018
Agro Dutch Industries Ltd. 519281  INE135B01014
Agro Phos India Ltd.  AGROPHOSEQ INE740V01019
Agro Tech Foods Ltd. 500215 ATFLEQ INE209A01019
AGS Infotech Ltd. 533314  INE966E01016
Ahimsa Industries Ltd.  AHIMSASM INE136T01014
Ahlada Engineers Ltd.  AHLADAEQ INE00PV01013
Ahlcon Parenterals (India) Ltd. 524448  INE027C01011
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd. 532811 AHLUCONTEQ INE758C01029
Ahmedabad Steelcraft Ltd. 522273  INE868C01018
Ahura Welding Electrode Manufacturers Ltd. 530749   
AI Champdany Industries Ltd. 532806  INE768E01024
AIA Engineering Ltd. 532683 AIAENGEQ INE212H01026
Aikyam Intellectual Property Consultancy Ltd. 506822  INE739N01026
Aimco Pesticides Ltd. 524288  INE008B01013
Airan Ltd.  AIRANEQ INE645W01026
Airo Lam Ltd.  AIROLAMSM INE801L01010
Aishwarya Technologies And Telecom Ltd. 532975  INE778I01024
AJ Brothers Ltd. 511662  INE939C01017
Ajanta Pharma Ltd. 532331 AJANTPHARMEQ INE031B01049
Ajanta Soya Ltd. 519216  INE601B01015
Ajcon Global Services Ltd. 511692  INE759C01019
Ajel Ltd. 530713  INE229B01015
Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd. 513349 AJMERAEQ INE298G01027
Ajooni Biotech Ltd.  AJOONISM INE820Y01013
Ajwa Fun World & Resorts Ltd. 526628  INE863E01015
AK Capital Services Ltd. 530499  INE701G01012
AK Spintex Ltd. 539300  INE671K01019
Akar Auto Industries Ltd. 530621  INE864E01021
Akar Laminators Ltd. 500005  INE984C01013
Akash Infra-Projects Ltd.  AKASHEQ INE737W01013
Akashdeep Metal Industries Ltd. 538778  INE149Q01013
AKG Exim Ltd.  AKGEQ INE00Y801016
Aki India Ltd. 542020  INE642Z01018
AKM Lace and Embrotex Ltd. 540718  INE777X01017
Akme Star Housing Finance Ltd. 539017  INE526R01010
Aksh Optifibre Ltd. 532351 AKSHOPTFBREQ INE523B01011
Akshar Spintex Ltd. 541303  INE256Z01017
AksharChem (India) Ltd. 524598 AKSHARCHEMEQ INE542B01011
Akzo Nobel India Ltd. 500710 AKZOINDIAEQ INE133A01011
Alacrity Electronics Ltd. 517362  INE023C01010
Alacrity Housing Ltd. 523738  INE781D01011
Alacrity Securities Ltd. 535916  INE030P01017
Alan Scott Industries Ltd. 539115  INE273F01022
Alang Industrial Gases Ltd. 531517  INE848C01010
Alang Marine Ltd. 520133  INE0D6901011
Alankit Ltd. 531082 ALANKITEQ INE914E01040
Albert David Ltd. 524075 ALBERTDAVDEQ INE155C01010
Alchemist Corporation Ltd. 531409  INE057D01016
Alchemist Ltd. 526707 ALCHEMBZ INE964B01033
Alchemist Realty Ltd. 532114  INE646D01024
Alcobex Metals Ltd. 513412   
Alembic Ltd. 506235 ALEMBICLTDEQ INE426A01027
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 533573 APLLTDEQ INE901L01018
Alexander Stamps and Coin Ltd. 511463  INE191N01012
Alexcon Foamcast Ltd. 507933  INE225A01015
Alfa Ica (India) Ltd. 530973  INE042C01010
Alfa Laval (India) Ltd. 505885  INE427A01017
Alfa Transformers Ltd. 517546  INE209C01015
Alfavision Overseas (India) Ltd. 531156  INE883B01019
Alfred Herbert (India) Ltd. 505216  INE782D01027
Alicon Castalloy Ltd. 531147 ALICONEQ INE062D01024
Alka Diamond Industries Ltd. 531581  INE963D01015
Alka India Ltd. 530889  INE061B01020
Alka Securities Ltd. 532166  INE921C01031
Alkali Metals Ltd. 533029 ALKALIEQ INE773I01017
Alkem Laboratories Ltd. 539523 ALKEMEQ INE540L01014
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. 506767 ALKYLAMINEEQ INE150B01021
Allahabad Bank [Merged] 532480  INE428A01015
Allcargo Logistics Ltd. 532749 ALLCARGOEQ INE418H01029
Alliance Integrated Metaliks Ltd. 534064  INE123D01016
Allied Computers International (Asia) Ltd. 532919  INE335I01056
Allied Digital Services Ltd. 532875 ADSLEQ INE102I01027
Allied Herbals Ltd. 523030  INE608D01016
Allsec Technologies Ltd. 532633 ALLSECEQ INE835G01018
Allsoft Corporation Ltd.    
Almondz Global Securities Ltd. 531400 ALMONDZEQ INE326B01027
Alna Trading & Exports Ltd. 506120  INE07I701011
Alok Industries Ltd. 521070 ALOKINDSEQ INE270A01029
Alom Extrusions Ltd.   INE094D01019
Alora Trading Company Ltd. 539693  INE527R01018
Alpa Laboratories Ltd. 532878 ALPAEQ INE385I01010
Alpha Graphic India Ltd. 531720  INE952B01020
Alpha Hi-Tech Fuel Ltd. 531247  INE506B01016
Alphageo (India) Ltd. 526397 ALPHAGEOEQ INE137C01018
Alphalogic Techsys Ltd. 542770  INE08E401011
Alpine Capital Services Ltd. 511694  INE118F01011
Alpine Housing Development Corporation Ltd. 526519  INE840D01015
Alps BPO Services Ltd.    
Alps Industries Ltd. 530715 ALPSINDUSBE INE093B01015
Alps Motor Finance Ltd. 538423  INE729P01022
Alsa Marine & Harvests Ltd. 523447   
Alstone Textiles (India) Ltd. 539277  INE184S01016
Alufluoride Ltd. 524634  INE058F01019
Alumilite Architecturals Ltd.   INE203Z01019
Amal Ltd. 506597  INE841D01013
Amalgamated Electricity Company Ltd. 501622  INE492N01022
Amani Trading & Exports Ltd. 512008  INE886D01018
Amar Remedies Ltd. 532664  INE787G01011
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. 500008 AMARAJABATEQ INE885A01032
Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd. 521097  INE484D01012
Amarnath Securities Ltd. 538465  INE745P01010
Amba Enterprises Ltd. 539196  INE829P01020
Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd. 500009  INE432A01017
Ambani Organics Ltd.  AMBANIORGSM INE00C501018
Ambar Protein Industries Ltd. 519471  INE072V01017
Ambassador Intra Holdings Ltd. 542524  INE342U01016
Amber Enterprises India Ltd. 540902 AMBEREQ INE371P01015
Amber Fabrics Ltd. 536820  INE777E01017
Ambica Agarbathies & Aroma Industries Ltd. 532335  INE792B01012
Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd. 531978 AMBIKCOEQ INE540G01014
Ambition Mica Ltd. 539223  INE563S01011
Ambitious Plastomac Company Ltd. 526439  INE267C01013
Ambuja Cements Ltd. 500425 AMBUJACEMEQ INE079A01024
Amco India Ltd. 530133  INE924B01011
AMD Industries Ltd. 532828 AMDINDBE INE005I01014
Ameya Laboratories Ltd. 532981  INE450H01022
Amforge Industries Ltd. 513117  INE991A01020
Ami Computers (I) Ltd. 526805  INE079B01014
Amin Tannery Ltd. 541771  INE572Z01017
Amines & Plasticizers Ltd. 506248  INE275D01022
Amison Foods Ltd. 519275   
Amit International Ltd. 531300  INE053D01015
Amit Securities Ltd. 531557  INE137E01014
AMJ Land Holdings Ltd. 500343 AMJLANDEQ INE606A01024
AML Steel Ltd.   INE577F01018
Amradeep Industries Ltd. 531681  INE673C01020
Amrapali Capital & Finance Services Ltd. 536737  INE218P01018
Amrapali Fincap Ltd. 539265  INE990S01016
Amrapali Industries Ltd. 526241  INE762C01021
Amraworld Agrico Ltd. 531991  INE735C01027
Amrit Banaspati Company Ltd. 531728  INE221G01029
Amrit Corp. Ltd. 507525  INE866E01026
Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd. 590006 AMRUTANJANEQ INE098F01031
AMS Polymers Ltd. 540066  INE345U01019
Amsons Apparels Ltd. 538861  INE812P01018
Amtek Auto Ltd. 520077  INE130C01021
Anand Credit Ltd. 531678  INE703J01012
Anand Projects Ltd. 501630  INE134R01013
Anand Rayons Ltd. 542721  INE02GA01012
Anant Raj Global Ltd.    
Anant Raj Ltd. 515055 ANANTRAJEQ INE242C01024
Andhra Bank [Merged] 532418 ANDHRABANKEQ INE434A01013
Andhra Cements Ltd. 532141 ANDHRACEMTEQ INE666E01012
Andhra Paper Ltd. 502330 ANDHRAPAPEQ INE435A01028
Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd. 500012  INE714B01016
Andhra Pradesh Tanneries Ltd. 509367  INE628Y01010
Andrew Yule & Company Ltd. 526173  INE449C01025
Aneri Fincap Ltd. 531252  INE720D01019
ANG Industries Ltd. 530721  INE017D01010
ANG Lifesciences India Ltd. 540694  INE236W01016
Angel Broking Ltd. 543235 ANGELBRKGEQ INE732I01013
Angel Fibers Ltd. 541006  INE339Z01011
ANI Integrated Services Ltd.  AISLSM INE635Y01015
Anik Industries Ltd. 519383 ANIKINDSEQ INE087B01017
Anil Ltd. 532910  INE125E01019
Anil Special Steel Industries Ltd. 504629  INE904B01013
Anjani Finance Ltd. 531878  INE283D01018
Anjani Foods Ltd. 511153  INE096I01013
Anjani Portland Cement Ltd. 518091 APCLEQ INE071F01012
Anjani Synthetics Ltd. 531223  INE364D01032
Anka India Ltd. 531673  INE067C01025
Ankit Metal & Power Ltd. 532870 ANKITMETALEQ INE106I01010
Ankur Drugs & Pharma Ltd. 531683  INE238D01012
Ankush Finstock Ltd. 531519  INE784D01015
Anmol India Ltd. 542437  INE02AR01019
Anna Infrastructures Ltd. 530799  INE336D01014
ANS Industries Ltd. 531406  INE234J01018
Ansal Buildwell Ltd. 523007  INE030C01015
Ansal Housing Ltd. 507828 ANSALHSGEQ INE880B01015
Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd. 500013 ANSALAPIEQ INE436A01026
Anshuni Commercials Ltd. 512091  INE425H01016
Antarctica Ltd. 526715 ANTGRAPHICBE INE414B01021
Antariksh Industries Ltd. 501270  INE825M01017
Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd. 543254 AWHCLEQ INE01BK01022
Anubhav Infrastructure Ltd. 538833  INE891N01017
Anuh Pharma Ltd. 506260  INE489G01022
Anukaran Commercial Enterprises Ltd. 512355  INE090G01028
Anup Malleables Ltd. 506087  INE188O01016
Anupam Finserv Ltd. 530109  INE069B01015
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd. 543275 ANURASEQ INE930P01018
Anuroop Packaging Ltd. 542865  INE490Z01012
Apar Industries Ltd. 532259 APARINDSEQ INE372A01015
Apcotex Industries Ltd. 523694 APCOTEXINDEQ INE116A01032
Apex Buildsys Ltd. 531615  INE040E01028
Apex Capital And Finance Ltd. 541133  INE758W01019
Apex Frozen Foods Ltd. 540692 APEXEQ INE346W01013
Apex Intertech Ltd.    
Apis India Ltd. 506166  INE070K01014
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. 533758 APLAPOLLOEQ INE702C01019
Aplab Ltd. 517096  INE273A01015
Aplaya Creations Ltd. 511064  INE099M01027
APM Finvest Ltd. 542774  INE08KJ01012
APM Industries Ltd. 523537  INE170D01025
Apollo Finvest (India) Ltd. 512437  INE412D01013
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. 508869 APOLLOHOSPEQ INE437A01024
Apollo Micro Systems Ltd. 540879 APOLLOEQ INE713T01010
Apollo Pipes Ltd. 531761 APOLLOPIPEEQ INE126J01016
Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd.  APOLSINHOTEQ INE451F01024
Apollo TriCoat Tubes Ltd. 538566  INE919P01029
Apollo Tyres Ltd. 500877 APOLLOTYREEQ INE438A01022
Apoorva Leasing Finance & Investment Co. Ltd. 539545  INE217S01014
Apt Packaging Ltd. 506979  INE046E01017
Aptech Ltd. 532475 APTECHTEQ INE266F01018
Aqua Logistics Ltd. 533159  INE544K01026
Arambhan Hospitality Services Ltd. 539403  INE800S01017
Aramusk Infrastructure Investments Ltd. 532068  INE126F01014
Aravali Securities & Finance Ltd. 512344  INE068C01015
ARC Finance Ltd. 540135  INE202R01018
Arcee Industries Ltd. 520121  INE276D01012
Archana Software Ltd. 530565  INE149B01015
Archidply Decor Ltd. 543231 ADLBE INE0CHO01012
Archidply Industries Ltd. 532994 ARCHIDPLYBE INE877I01016
Archies Ltd. 532212 ARCHIESEQ INE731A01020
Archit Organosys Ltd. 524640  INE078I01011
Archon Industries Ltd. 506041  INE119D01014
Arco Leasing Ltd. 511038  INE955S01019
Arcotech Ltd. 532914 ARCOTECHBZ INE574I01035
Arcuttipore Tea Company Ltd. 530261  INE674C01010
Ardi Investment & Trading Company Ltd. 504370   
Arex Industries Ltd. 526851  INE480H01011
Arfin India Ltd. 539151  INE784R01015
Ari Consolidated Investments Ltd. 509110  INE233I01012
Aries Agro Ltd. 532935 ARIESEQ INE298I01015
Arihant Capital Markets Ltd. 511605  INE420B01028
Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd. 531381 ARIHANTEQ INE413D01011
Arihant Institute Ltd. 541401  INE997Z01016
Arihant Multi Commercial Ltd. 506113  INE776N01028
Arihant Superstructures Ltd. 506194 ARIHANTSUPEQ INE643K01018
Arihant Tournesol Ltd. 526125  INE00HZ01011
Arihants Securities Ltd. 531017  INE190D01015
Aris International Ltd. 531677  INE588E01026
Arman Financial Services Ltd. 531179 ARMANFINEQ INE109C01017
Arman Holdings Ltd. 538556  INE510P01018
Arnav Corporation Ltd. 531467  INE647D01014
Arnold Holdings Ltd. 537069  INE185K01036
Aro Granite Industries Ltd. 513729 AROGRANITEEQ INE210C01013
Arochem Silvassa Ltd. 531593   
Aroma Enterprises (India) Ltd. 531560  INE371M01012
Aroni Commercials Ltd. 512273  INE484B01016
Arora Fibres Ltd. 521174  INE487D01023
Arrow Greentech Ltd. 516064 ARROWGREENBE INE570D01018
Arrow Textiles Ltd. 533068 ARROWTEXBE INE933J01015
Arshiya Ltd. 506074 ARSHIYABE INE968D01022
ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd. 533163 ARSSINFRAEQ INE267I01010
ART Nirman Ltd.  ARTNIRMANSM INE738V01013
Artech Power & Trading Ltd. 517481  INE421N01021
Artedz Fabs Ltd.   INE00CO01016
Artefact Projects Ltd. 531297  INE885B01014
Artemis Electricals Ltd. 542670  INE757T01017
Artemis Global Life Sciences Ltd. 540616 AGLSLEQ INE517U01013
Artemis Medicare Services Ltd.    
Artillegence Bio-Innovations Ltd. 512642  INE576F01010
Artson Engineering Ltd. 522134  INE133D01023
Arun Mantex Ltd. 514340   
Arun Processors Ltd. 526239   
Aruna Hotels Ltd. 500016  INE957C01019
Arunis Abode Ltd. 526935  INE377D01018
Arunjyoti Bio Ventures Ltd. 530881  INE485K01014
Arunoday Mills Ltd. 502700  INE469E01011
Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd.  ARVEEBE INE006Z01016
Arvind Fashions Ltd. 542484 ARVINDFASNEQ INE955V01021
Arvind International Ltd. 524760  INE512C01012
Arvind Ltd. 500101 ARVINDEQ INE034A01011
Arvind Products Ltd. 532489  INE764A01013
Arvind Remedies Ltd. 531823  INE211C01037
Arvind SmartSpaces Ltd. 539301 ARVSMARTEQ INE034S01021
Aryaman Capital Markets Ltd. 538716  INE229R01011
Aryaman Financial Services Ltd. 530245  INE032E01017
Aryan Shares & Stock Brokers Ltd. 542176  INE016X01010
Aryavan Enterprise Ltd. 539455  INE360S01012
Asahi India Glass Ltd. 515030 ASAHIINDIAEQ INE439A01020
Asahi Industries Ltd. 514482  INE745I01015
Asahi Infrastructure & Projects Ltd. 512535  INE933C01036
Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd. 532853 ASAHISONGEQ INE228I01012
Ascent Exim (India) Ltd. 511750  INE138E01012
Ascom Leasing & Investments Ltd.  ASCOMSM INE08KD01015
Aseem Global Ltd. 534564  INE439C01018
Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd. 535467 AIFLBZ INE428O01016
Ashapura Minechem Ltd. 527001 ASHAPURMINEQ INE348A01023
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd. 542579  INE05FR01011
Ashari Agencies Ltd. 540024  INE361S01010
Ashco Niulab Industries Ltd. 517565  INE714F01033
Ashiana Agro Industries Ltd. 519174  INE709D01012
Ashiana Housing Ltd. 523716 ASHIANAEQ INE365D01021
Ashiana Ispat Ltd. 513401  INE587D01012
Ashika Credit Capital Ltd. 590122  INE094B01013
Ashima Ltd. 514286 ASHIMASYNEQ INE440A01010
Ashirwad Capital Ltd. 512247  INE894A01026
Ashirwad Steels & Industries Ltd. 526847  INE338C01012
Ashish Polyplast Ltd. 530429  INE831C01016
Ashnisha Industries Ltd. 541702  INE694W01016
Ashnoor Textile Mills Ltd. 507872  INE372I01018
Ashok Alco-Chem Ltd. 524594  INE994D01010
Ashok Leyland Ltd. 500477 ASHOKLEYEQ INE208A01029
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. 533271 ASHOKAEQ INE442H01029
Ashoka Marketing Ltd.    
Ashoka Metcast Ltd. 540923  INE760Y01011
Ashoka Refineries Ltd. 526983  INE760M01016
Ashram Ltd. 526187  INE293C01019
ASI Industries Ltd. 502015  INE443A01030
Asia Capital Ltd. 538777  INE131Q01011
Asia Pack Ltd. 530899  INE784M01016
Asian Bearings Ltd. 505672  INE046C01011
Asian Electronics Ltd. 503940  INE441A01026
Asian Energy Services Ltd. 530355  INE276G01015
Asian Fertilizers Ltd. 524695   
Asian Films Production and Distribution Ltd. 532047  INE581B01035
Asian Flora Ltd. 531392   
Asian Food Products Ltd. 507530  INE04VT01017
Asian Granito India Ltd. 532888 ASIANTILESEQ INE022I01019
Asian Hotels (East) Ltd. 533227 AHLEASTEQ INE926K01017
Asian Hotels (North) Ltd. 500023 ASIANHOTNREQ INE363A01022
Asian Hotels (West) Ltd. 533221 AHLWESTEQ INE915K01010
Asian Paints Ltd. 500820 ASIANPAINTEQ INE021A01026
Asian Petroproducts & Exports Ltd. 524434  INE810M01019
Asian Star Company Ltd. 531847  INE194D01017
Asian Tea Exports Ltd. 519532  INE822B01017
Asian Vegpro Industries Ltd. 530413  INE01OU01016
Asiatic Oxygen Ltd.   INE362E01018
Asis Logistics Ltd. 506159  INE888E01020
Asit C Mehta Financial Services Ltd. 530723  INE041B01014
ASL Industries Ltd.  ASLINDSM INE617I01024
ASM Technologies Ltd. 526433  INE867C01010
Aspinwall and Company Ltd.  ASPINWALLEQ INE991I01015
Aspira Pathlab & Diagnostics Ltd. 540788  INE500C01017
Assam Company (India) Ltd. 500024  INE442A01024
Assam Entrade Ltd. 542911  INE165G01010
Assam Petro-Chemicals Ltd. 506267  INE277D01010
Assambrook Ltd. 500025  INE353C01011
Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd. 507526 ASALCBREQ INE073G01016
Associated Ceramics Ltd. 531168  INE771E01010
Associated Marmo & Granites Ltd. 515107   
Astec Lifesciences Ltd. 533138 ASTECEQ INE563J01010
Aster DM Healthcare Ltd. 540975 ASTERDMEQ INE914M01019
Astra Microwave Products Ltd. 532493 ASTRAMICROEQ INE386C01029
Astral Poly Technik Ltd. 532830 ASTRALEQ INE006I01046
AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd. 506820 ASTRAZENEQ INE203A01020
Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd. 540824 ASTRONEQ INE646X01014
Asutosh Enterprises Ltd. 512433  INE508W01018
Asya Infosoft Ltd. 511144  INE520G01016
Atal Realtech Ltd.  ATALREALSM INE0ALR01011
Atam Valves Ltd. 543236  INE09KD01013
Atcom Technologies Ltd. 527007  INE834A01014
Atharv Enterprises Ltd. 530187  INE354E01031
Athena Constructions Ltd. 539099  INE291R01011
Athena Financial Services Ltd. 511718  INE139C01014
Athena Global Technologies Ltd. 517429  INE576B01019
Atishay Ltd. 538713  INE011R01013
Atlanta Devcon Ltd. 526843  INE590F01029
Atlanta Infrastructure and Finance Ltd. 530479  INE433D01027
Atlanta Ltd. 532759 ATLANTAEQ INE285H01022
Atlantic Commercial Company Ltd.    
Atlantic Spinning and Weaving Mills Ltd. 521208  INE504C01019
Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd. 505029 ATLASCYCLEBZ INE446A01025
Atlas Jewellery India Ltd. 514394  INE022N01019
ATN International Ltd. 511427 ATNINTERBE INE803A01027
Atul Auto Ltd. 531795 ATULAUTOEQ INE951D01028
Atul Ltd. 500027 ATULEQ INE100A01010
ATV Projects India Ltd. 500028  INE447A01015
Au Small Finance Bank Ltd. 540611 AUBANKEQ INE949L01017
Aurangabad Distillery Ltd.  AURDISSM INE448V01019
Aurangabad Paper Mills Ltd. 502352  INE525C01014
Aurionpro Solutions Ltd. 532668 AURIONPROEQ INE132H01018
Auro Laboratories Ltd. 530233  INE292C01011
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. 524804 AUROPHARMAEQ INE406A01037
Auroma Coke Ltd. 531336  INE662I01012
Ausom Enterprise Ltd. 509009 AUSOMENTEQ INE218C01016
Austin Engineering Company Ltd. 522005  INE759F01012
Authum Investment & Infrastructure Ltd. 539177  INE206F01014
Auto Pins (India) Ltd. 531994  INE706C01028
Auto Tension Ltd. 520096   
Autoline Industries Ltd. 532797 AUTOINDEQ INE718H01014
Autolite (India) Ltd. 500029 AUTOLITINDBZ INE448A01013
Automobile Corporation Of Goa Ltd. 505036  INE451C01013
Automobile Products of India Ltd. 505032   
Automotive Axles Ltd. 505010 AUTOAXLESEQ INE449A01011
Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Ltd. 520119 ASALBE INE900C01027
Autopal Industries Ltd. 517286  INE335Q01018
Autoriders Finance Ltd. 500030  INE450A01019
Autoriders International Ltd. 512277  INE340U01010
Autumn Builders Ltd. 780004  INE733P01016
Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd. 540649 AVADHSUGAREQ INE349W01017
Available Finance Ltd. 531310  INE325G01010
Avance Technologies Ltd. 512149  INE758A01056
Avantel Ltd. 532406  INE005B01019
Avanti Feeds Ltd. 512573 AVANTIFEEDEQ INE871C01038
Aventus Buildcon Ltd.   INE587S01010
Avenue Supermarts Ltd. 540376 DMARTEQ INE192R01011
AVG Logistics Ltd.  AVGSM INE680Z01018
AVI Polymers Ltd. 539288  INE897N01014
AVI Products India Ltd. 523896  INE316O01021
Avinash Information Technologies Ltd. 531632  INE452C01011
Aviva Industries Ltd. 512109  INE461H01011
Avon Corporation Ltd. 532995  INE207I01016
Avon Mercantile Ltd. 512265  INE471D01019
Avonmore Capital & Management Services Ltd. 511589  INE323B01016
Avro India Ltd.  AVROINDSM INE652Z01017
AVSL Industries Ltd.  AVSLSM INE522V01011
AVT Natural Products Ltd. 519105 AVTNPLEQ INE488D01021
AVTIL Enterprise Ltd. 504390  INE292N01018
Axel Polymers Ltd. 513642  INE197C01012
Axis Bank Ltd. 532215 AXISBANKEQ INE238A01034
AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. 532395 AXISCADESEQ INE555B01013
Axita Cotton Ltd. 542285  INE02EZ01014
Axon Ventures Ltd. 505506  INE663D01011
Axtel Industries Ltd. 523850  INE767C01012
Ayepee Lamitubes Ltd. 523168  INE257X01010
AYM Syntex Ltd. 508933 AYMSYNTEXEQ INE193B01039
Ayoki Mercantile Ltd. 512063  INE048E01013
Azure Exim Services Ltd. 531783  INE837F01016
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