Recap of The Module

  • Fixed Investment Securities (FIS) are investment instruments which gives us fixed returns at regular interval of time. Because returns are fixed, these instruments are generally considered safe and less risky.
  • Features of FIS - Low Risk, Tax Saving, Less Volatile, Right to Asset, Diversification of portfolio and Minimum Lock in Period.
  • 4 types of Risk involved in FIS - Liquidity, Inflation, Interest Rate and Credit Default
  • FIS are of two types, backed by government and backed by Corporate. FIS backed by government are less risky but FIS backed by corporate give high returns.
  • Crediting Rating Agencies play a very important role because these agencies do proper due diligence of the company before giving them rating. Higher the rating, lower the risk.
  • Government of India issues two types of bond bonds, two types first T- Bills, maturity within one year, issued at discount redeemed at par and Second G-SEC, maturity period more than 1 year, pay semiannual coupon and are issued at par.
  • Corporate bonds come with lots of variety based on – maturity, coupon, options redemption and convertibility.
  • Other FIS instrument include Bank FD, Recurring Deposit (RD), Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Saving Certificate(NSC), Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP) and Post office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS).

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