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How is ATS wealth manager PMS scheme different from others? 

Well let’s get started by introducing you to what a PMS scheme is!

To keep it simple, popularly known as PMS or Portfolio management service, is offered by various entities registered with the market regulator. PMS is basically a wealth management service that offers a range of specialized investment strategies to benefit from the opportunities in the market, and is managed by professional portfolio managers.

ATS wealth manager provides solutions and services tailored to meet each individual’s financial goals through our PMS scheme. We help our customers achieve their financial goals through our wealth management products. We provide financial opportunities that help you to manage and potentially grow your wealth that will in turn help you achieve your long term investment goals.

When there are various entities offering PMS Service, what makes ATS wealth manager PMS scheme stand apart? 

Numbers speak better than words”, they say. 

Below is the performance of our wealth management fund from January 2018 to January 2019 visa-vis the performance of SENSEX overall.



The ATS wealth manager PMS scheme is a professional service to manage your investment portfolios, with an aim to deliver consistent returns. Let us take you through our fund features that deliver consistent results and make us different from others. 

Investments only in large stocks!

We understand that markets are highly volatile and vulnerable to risks. Hence funds are only invested in stocks which are fairly large. The portfolio managers at ATS diversify your investments by investing only in Large and Mid-Cap stocks, which provides balance in case of high market volatility.

Profitable companies find place in our portfolio!

Deep rooted fundamental research and analysis is involved before selecting the stocks of a company. The efficient research analysts at ATS perform fundamental analysis on companies to choose only consistently profitable companies to form a part of our investment portfolio, thereby reducing the risk of making losses from investment decisions.

Index returns over alpha returns!

While most of the PMS Managers attempt to generate Alpha returns over Index returns, most of our stocks form part of Index thus replicating large part of index.

Long term bullish view on Indian markets!

Our view on market is that Indian markets will continue to rise and we have long term bullish view on Indian market. Thanks to the profitability of Indian companies and humungous scope of growth supported by India’s demography.

The growing consumption sector!

ATS believes that when a country like India does well, the general demand of every Indian will shift from pure necessity based items to several other consumer based products. When the demand for consumer based products increases, the industry will eventually see an all round growth across the consumer based sectors. Hence you will find that all our funds will be skewed towards the consumption sector.

Proactive investment protection!

We take active responsibility while considering a stock for investment. Before investing in a stock, we bear investment protection in mind and consider all possible chances of maximum possible risk that an average stock can have as a margin of safety. For example stock such as TCS trading @ X PE with an average past growth rate should not fall below the returns earned on Index keeping P/E same as of Index.

Robust Risk management!

One of our views for our Quant funds is that markets will in general not continue to have radical movement all through the year, considering volatility as our friend we build positions on derivative side by selling volatility. While such act alone can be risky at times, can be managed well with robust risk management system and that is where our schemes do well.

The right mix of investments!

Research managers at ATS adopt Quantitative strategies that help our scheme generate returns even when markets have sideways movements. Despite erratic market movements, the efficient risk management system at ATS can be handled during the day.  Even though large gap up or gap down openings do affect the performance of our portfolio, the very right mix of Derivatives + Cash market investments products help our clients generate Alpha returns over a period of time.

Minimum loss and maximum profit!

Our past performance shows a proven track record of minimum loss and maximum profits earned by our clients based on our advisory service.

To sum up, what is important in financial investments is all about..

The right strategies and right decisions at the right time! 

ATS believes that the right decision, taken by implementing the right strategies, at the right time is what is important for making successful investments in stock market. Hence, a dedicated team of research analysts, experienced in core fundamental and technical analysis works in co-ordination with the portfolio managers to get the best out of investments made from each portfolio by adopting the right strategies and making the right investment decisions at the right time.

Have you invested in ATS wealth manager PMS scheme? If not, this is the right time to INVEST!!



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